Aprylisa Snyder

Get Back to Your Happy.

Is pain, physical or emotional, or one of life’s tricky transitions keeping you from moving on with your life?

Work with Aprylisa

Work with Aprylisa

Have you been blind-sided by loss, accident, stroke, or emerging spiritual gifts and awareness? Do you wonder what happened to your life? Your relationship?

Are you ready to gently break through your physical, emotional and spiritual obstacles with compassionate, holistic support from a healing practitioner who understands your pain and “gets” you? Ready to get back on the road to your life with solid support, terrific tools and wisdom?

Aprylisa is fiercely committed to helping professionals who have been brought to their knees by a crisis, illness, loss, or spiritual awakening, get back to living their dreams.

Turn your pain into positive power & get your Soul Sparkle back.

Even if you have tried everything – from pain pills to doctors and diagnosis, you can find the missing piece to reclaiming your health and power. Using gentle, powerful processes she helps you heal naturally with ease, faster and cheaper than therapy, without drugs or needles. And it feels good too!

As a conduit for rapid and radical healing, Aprylisa’s clients regain lost physical function, clear emotional blocks and old beliefs, and heal from chronic pain and diseases in a short period of time. Read testimonials here.  A proven professional, Aprylisa’s clients get practical results and  for chronic pain, anxiety, lingering effects of emotional and physical crisis, dissatisfaction in their life and work, and lost-soul-dream syndrome to live pain free, activate their spiritual gifts, have more energy, confidence and freedom.

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Heal: The AvivaLife System

Bodytalk, Reiki and Beyond

The AvivaLife System is a natural healing approach to a pain free life that works. Each session combines intuitive wisdom with energy medicine perfectly individualized for each client. Aprylisa’s intuitive gifts enhance her work, creating a holistic approach to healing. Clients see profound, positive shifts in their physical and spiritual wellbeing. Issues addressed include back pain, life purpose, depression, fibroymyalgia, relationship issues, and spiritual growth. The AvivaLife System draws from BodyTalk, Reiki, Matrix Energetics, and Shamanic practices. Learn more »

Create and Play

Workshops and Events

Join us in energizing, educational and entertaining workshops for women and girls incorporating healing, spirituality and art. Explore your dreams, express your creativity and develop your moxie in the company of cool people like yourself! Learn more »

About Aprylisa

*Pronounced April-Lisa

Aprylisa’s background and journey to healing arts... Learn more »

Client Testimonials

Relief from Pain

“Before seeing Aprylisa, I have to admit that I was a bit of a skeptic about energy healing work.  But in one session, she helped... [more]

Blocks to Pregnancy Resolved

Blocks to Pregnancy Resolved I came to see Aprylisa for Stagnation and confusion in my life. Difficulty in ovulating, depression. I’ve been able to look... [more]

Back Pain Gone

Back Pain Gone Thank you so much for helping me with my back pain. I’ve been suffering for over a month and trying all kinds... [more]

Good Vibrations

“Aprylisa has a gentle, calming nature. She is a master of several healing modalities and draws upon her varied experience in order to facilitate a... [more]

Back on the Yoga Mat!

B. came to see because arthritis in her legs had kept her from the physical activities she once enjoyed. After three sessions she reported: “Woo... [more]

Pain Free, Weight Loss and Spiritual Unfoldment

“To all my facebook freinds and family, I want to tell you the journey I have been on for four weeks now. As much of... [more]

Recovery of Feeling and Joy

Recovery of Feeling and Joy I went to my first appointment with a need for an energetic cord to be removed that had been draining... [more]

Relationship Recovery

I highly recommend working with Aprylisa! Aprylisa has been essential in my healing process from the end of a 7 year marriage to the woman... [more]

Power Pact: Extremely Positive

Power Pact: Extremely Positive “My experience with Aprylisa and Aprylisa Healing Arts has been extremely positive. Her competence in all the work made it comfortable... [more]

Heal the past, Heal the Present, Change Your Future

Aprylisa provided an insightful journey into memories of times past.  It is through this journey I was able to gain clarity in what I was... [more]

A Horse Comes Home – To Herself

A Horse Comes Home – To Herself   Aprylisa, thank you for the session & the profound relief & shift you’ve created for my horse!... [more]

Chris Jennison

“Thank you again! The work — it was amazing! I did a really big shift. I was quite ecstatic actually. It was really big and... [more]

Power Pact: Clear Unknown Blocks

Power Pact: Clear Unknown Blocks The work with Aprylisa cleared unknown blocks and limiting thoughts that were held in my body and mind. The work... [more]

Ashley Josephine: Business Coaching by Aprylisa Healing Arts

Ashley broke out in a business gallop after our work together.  In addition to clearing her limiting beliefs, balancing her business relationships and helping her... [more]

Power Pact: Transformational Shifts

Power Pact: Transformational Shifts “I made many transformational shifts during the Power Pact personal sessions and clearings. These shifts included more emotional, physical well-being, and... [more]


“Thank you so much for your gift of speaking directly to my body and bypassing my conscious brain. The two sessions that I had with... [more]

Sonja, Nurse

“My bowling score isn’t as high as I’d like but with BodyTalk I’m going to get back in my game! I just want to keep... [more]

Immediate Results

Immediate Results “Aprylisa provided me with a variety of treatments for physical issues I was experiencing. I was not sure what to expect at my... [more]

Candy Kinne, Parker, Colorado

“I just checked Cowboy’s (the horse) movement- moved his hind end laterally from left to right and back again to the left. I also backed... [more]

Power Pact: Energy Level Breakthrough

  “After only my second session with Aprylisa, I got a breakthrough in terms of my level of energy as well as my state of... [more]

Releasing Childhood Patterns

“I was having a lot of flashbacks from my childhood. Through my work with Aprylisa I was able to identify why they brought up certain... [more]

Katie Pressman, Nurse

“Aprylisa is magic!” Click here to LISTEN

“What a beautiful experience…” (Distance Healing Session)

“I’ve never experienced a healing session like that before–what a beautiful experience. I enjoyed it very much, felt like it benefited me a lot and... [more]

Anxiety Vanishes: I had never done anything like this before.

Anxiety Vanishes: I had never done anything like this before. I came to  see Aprylisa for possible hormone surges and/or anxiety.  My PCP and the... [more]

Katie Malchuck, Author & Yoga Instructor

“Aprylisa, I still can’t get over my good fortune in finding you! I feel great!!! My knees already feel much better, and overall, I just... [more]

Business Growth though Energy Medicine!

Get ready for business growth from the inside out! When I first came to Aprylisa, I wanted to address pain in my knees. She told... [more]

Become Master of Your Own Destiny

I came to Aprylisa with the initial concern, or condition, of feeling lost and stuck in my beliefs, and in my energy flow. I benefited... [more]

Ingrid Johnson, The Baby Parenting Coach

“Combining incredible insight with her superlative skills in BodyTalk and other techniques, Aprylisa’s work totally impressed me in just the first 2 sessions. In addition... [more]

Releasing and Finding Balance

Releasing and Finding Balance I came to see Aprylisa for equilibrium problems originally caused by a cold virus & head cold, and for congested lymph... [more]

From Negative Emotions to Better Communication, “I feel lighter”

“I reached out to Aprylisa for healing for my  heart and spirit,  and to clear negative emotions with my husband. What I received after our... [more]

Healing Family Relationships and Finding Connection

I came to Aprylisa feeling low energy and disconnected. I had anger towards the father of  my child that I wanted to resolve. I instantly... [more]

Celeste and Michael

“Wow! Aprylisa! Thank you for this work. I feel deeper, more relaxed and a desire to integrate whatever is needed! I’ll be back! Lots of... [more]


“Thank you very much for the session- it really was lovely. I definitely connected with your energy and felt shifts while you were doing it.... [more]

Aprylisa is a Gem

Aprylisa is a Gem I always leave Aprylisa’s sessions with clarity, freedom and ease of being. Together we have addressed physical pains, spiritual questions, emotional... [more]

Pain Gone, Energy Back & Distance Healing

Pain Gone, Energy Back & Distance Healing “While we were at a meeting in Colorado, Aprylisa was talking with me and was obviously aware that... [more]

45 Seconds Later

“Aprylisa did a healing on me that brought my soul back into my body and aligned me somehow. Being a skeptic on Boulder WooDoo, I... [more]

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing “Aprylisa brought a huge healing and stepped into a very needed role in the process without batting an eye. She performed Shamanic ceremony... [more]

Long term back pain gone!

Long term back pain gone! Dear Aprylisa, Thank you so much for helping me with my back pain.  I’ve been suffering for over a month... [more]

Heal, Create, Thrive: Transformation of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Heal, Create, Thrive: Transformation of Body, Mind and Spirit. I started seeing Aprylisa over 2 years ago.  I first went to her primarily for chronic neck and shoulder... [more]

Power Pact: False Glass Ceilings

Power Pact: False Glass Ceilings “My intention for joining Power Pact was to remove the barriers that are holding me back from achieving success and... [more]

Resolve Emotional Memories in the Body

This was my first experience with Aprylisa. Aprylisa found I still had some muscle/bone memory from my injury when I was younger. I don’t think... [more]

Power Pact: Heal the Damage

Power Pact: Heal the Damage “I am surprised by how Aprylisa can “see” into me and assess and heal the damage, from ages ago or even from... [more]

Healing Naturally, without Drugs: Laugh, Cry, No Homework!

Retrieving Personal Power and Personal Renewal

Retrieving Personal Power and Personal Renewal Working with Aprylisa I achieved a greatly increased sense of inner spaciousness, a lighter, happier mood.  There was a release... [more]

Paul C., Practitioner

“I appreciate your combination of discernment and highly developed skills—as well as your, shall we say, overflowing, joyful self! I am glad that you are... [more]

Clearer Thinking After Stroke

“I came to see Aprylisa after having had a stroke 3 years before. I was not thinking clearly and had a lot fear. After the... [more]

Fibromyalgia Pain Gone

“I felt SO FANTASTIC after my session, getting used to my new balance–feeling more like I used to 5-6 years ago! … by early afternoon... [more]

Susan F.

“Aprylisa saved me another trip to the chiropractor!”

No More Stress in My Heart

In this lifetime, not everyone gets the opportunity and to experience what Aprylisa Healing Arts offers. I was amazed, and at times felt in wonder... [more]

Brandi Campbell, Denver

Back Pain Melted Away I have had chronic back pain for months. It has kept me from work. In my session with Aprylisa she barely... [more]

Hope Returns, Mood lifts : Long Distance Session

A mom reached out to me to do a session for her daughter after her daughter had a major set back that had her feeling... [more]

Depression and Fertility Issues Cleared

Depression and Fertility Issues I came to see Aprylisa for Stagnation and confusion in my life. Difficulty in ovulating,  depression. I’ve been able to look... [more]

“…something nobody has ever been able to do.”

“I have struggled off and on with anxiety and depression since adolescence.  When I was in college, I tried self- medicating, which didn’t work.  As... [more]


“It’s like spiritual physical therapy!”


Clarity “Aprylisa has amazing skill and clear intuition that she uses to rapidly pinpoint and clear predominant issues. She is warm and personable and a... [more]

Audio Interview with Client

Listen hear for an interview with K.P., a nurse and Feldenkrais practitioner who discovered BodyTalk and Energy Medicine. Listen by clicking here.

Inspired Action

Inspired Action “I loved the work you did with me yesterday! Today I’ve been full of exciting ideas for moving forward and have spent the... [more]

Pain Melted – Back to Skiing!

Pain Melted – Back to Skiing! “Aprylisa is a woman who is very generous with her energy! One morning I woke up with a huge... [more]

Deborah Mitchell

“All my energy fields are still gently moving into a new ‘song of light’. Thank you so much for a truly glorious session yesterday. You... [more]

First Class Reiki Instruction

” Aprylisa is a wonderful teacher whose clarity is matched by her warmth. She lives reiki. My reiki attunement has been one of the most... [more]


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Boundaries: Is it You or Me?

April 25, 2016

This article is an introduction to Boundaries. It will help you understand what boundaries are and how to identify patterns regarding setting boundaries, and give you an outline to help you identify with when, and how to set boundaries. If... Read more »

A Young Life Changed is 20 minutes

April 14, 2016

Client update: 8 year old, severely abused, with impulse control came to seem me for a 20 minute session with at Celebration Fair. He had been in lots of trouble at school, lost his temper frequently and was triggered by... Read more »