Successful Pregnancy Achieved

“Um, just where is that baby?” I asked. We found out!

Babies! I have been delighted to see my clients get pregnant against the odds. I love working with babies and their moms. And I love working on babies inside their moms.

Heidi is a beautiful woman. As a runner a conscious eater, she keeps a svelte figure.

She just turned 40 and was excited to start a family with her husband.

Most babies can be seen!

Most babies can be seen!

She became pregnant. However, sadly, the baby did not come to full term.

After a difficult time grieving this loss, she was excited to tell me she was pregnant again!

I looked at her tiny frame. She was wearing shorts and simple white cotton shirt that came down past her waist. There was no bump, lump or any other sign of being in her 17th week, nearly 5 months, of pregnancy.

I was concerned.

“Um, just where is that baby?” I asked.

Heidi said “Here it is!“ and she touched the right side of her waist.

“Ok, there it is,” I said. It was a small mound that was sitting to the right of her middle.

She told me, “I had a dream last night that it keeps sticking its foot out on the right side and I keep pressing it back in.”

A light went off in my being. This kid is asking for a session, I thought.

We started the session. Her medical tests so far had all been great. Of course, with her earlier experience she was a little anxious about this pregnancy and was taking everything very carefully. We started by addressing past fears, her worries about the pregnancy and cleared the energetic entanglement she had with stories of how other women had lost their children.

When we worked with her lying down, fully clothed, I started by connecting with the baby. I placed my hand gently over the bump. I could feel the energy of the life under my hand.

I saw in my “healer’s sight” that the fascia on here right side had been tangled and drawn to the outer side, pulling her ovary and uterus off center. Scar tissue, I thought. Working non-invasively with energy medicine practices, I released the fascia and coaxed the little one to Heidi’s centerline. She looked down. She was amazed.

Then she lifted her shirt. Ah ha! There was  a scar from an appendectomy right where the baby had been “bound.” I surmised the operation had been the reason for the scar tissue and fascia tear that had caused the awkward, uncomfortable development.

She was thrilled. She ran to the bathroom to look at her belly in the mirror.

She says, “I experienced a painful cramping and pulling sensation in my belly every day the previous month before you worked on me, after your session it completely DISAPPEARED!!!”

Over the next few days, her appetite improved, she no longer felt nauseous and  her belly got bigger, rounder, present.

The baby is right THERE! Front and center.

Heidi‘s doctor is delighted with her progress. She is showing more all the time. She is looking forward to her baby’s second appearance – outside the womb!

So am I!

Don’t wait! Join me for private sessions to help YOU heal, create and thrive. 

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