Hope Returns, Mood lifts : Long Distance Session

A mom reached out to me to do a session for her daughter after her daughter had a major set back that had her feeling hopeless. Here is the result of the session:

Thank you so much!!! I wanted to share my daughter’s feedback with you.

My daughter texted me yesterday and said “Did you have that session done on me?”  So I called her and said “Yes, did you notice anything?”  She said “Yes, I am so much happier, I now have a deep feeling that everything is fine.”

Even her husband said to her that night that she was in a much better mood than she had been for a week and my grandson told her the next morning that she was much happier than she had been.  She thanked me very much and said she feels so much more grounded and positive about life.

Thank you for sharing your gift with us, it makes my heart feel so full that I could assist my daughter, her husband and my grandson with this one small gesture.

Danette B.

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