Special Telekinesis Class for Practitioners

Learn To Move Things with Your Mind

Thursday, February 15, 6 – 9 pm  $45

SEE Registration and VIDEO below

Taught by Sean McNamara

facilitated by Aprylisa Snyder

Are you a healing practitioner who uses energy?

Can you move things with your mind? Make something appear or disappear?

Which of your energy practices pack the most telekinetic power?

Moving Objects with Your Mind
Your intention is truly powerful. This class is a fun and interesting way to watch it do what most people think is impossible. Specifically, you will be trained to move a small piece of foil, protected with a glass cover, without touching it in any way, and from a distance. You will learn to manipulate its movement by shifting your body’s subtle energy via breath-work, intention, and attention. We’ll discuss the implications for using this technique in meditation, healing, using a vision board, and more. Just bring an open-minded attitude, nothing more.

This class is for healing practitioners who practices use energy healing modalities. In addition to the usual Telekenisis training we will “test” applications of different healing modalities during the class. Reiki, Matrix Energetics, BodyTalk and meditation practices – which modalities have a greater effect moving the objects? Come found out for yourself. Share your modality and see the results.

Not a practitioner? You can still join the class!  You will get to observe a variety of energy modalities in use!

Bonus: You receive a free recording of Sean’s best selling Telekenisis class when you register.

Space is Limited to 10 participants.

 Teacher:Sean McNamara teaches people telekinesis, how to move objects with their minds.

Facilitator: Aprylisa is a professional energy healer who moves energy, consciousness, and thought forms to get real results in her client’s body, mind and lives.

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