Aprylisa Snyder

“I do what I do because Energy Medicine helped turn my pain into power.” – Aprylisa

As an energy medicine practitioner, Aprylisa is constantly gratified to see clients transform as the work addresses all aspects of their being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. She provides clients with an array of healing opportunities including Private Sessions, Come Home to YOU one on one Coaching and workshops, and Courting Reiki Trainings.

Aprylisa SnyderHer Personal Journey to Healing

The art of expressing energy through moving was bliss for Aprylisa. During her training to receive a Masters in Physical Education and Dance she studied Massage, Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology, a grounding in physical sciences that made dance even more interesting.

Two car accidents thwarted her dream of a dance career.  She was in pain from those events for 25 years. She reveals, “I  tried prescriptions, exercises, counseling, chiropractic – everything short of surgery. Then I encountered Energy Medicine.”

Energy Medicine changed her life in just three sessions. These sessions addressed the web of issues resulting from her two car accidents. The emotional and physical symptoms left in the wake of those accidents rapidly diminished and then vanished. She was hooked–fascinated by the breadth of the work and how it went right to the heart of her symptoms without years of physical treatments and talking about it!

Since becoming an alternative wellness practitioner she continued to add skills in Energy Medicine to her practice, including BodyTalk, Matrix Energetics, Reiki at a Master/Teacher Level, HMR, studies in Attachment Theory, Energy and Somatic Psycology, Energy Psychology, and Shamanic practices. Her intuitive senses blossomed and have become exceptionally useful in her healing work. The blend of these modalities became the AvivaLife System, her unique way of working with each client enhanced by intuitive insight.

Clients continue to get dramatic results, as they resolve pain, gain more well being, and receive helpful, practical,  personal insights that change their lives for the better.  Some say “She is magic!”

“Because of my own pain and recovery I can sympathize with my clients who have lost their dreams because of an unexpected life event. I get it.

The pain isn’t just physical, it is also emotional, mental and spiritual. I offer the best practices I can so none of my clients have to lose their dream or the life they love. 

My purpose and delight is to bring more of  YOU back to LIFE!” – Aprylisa

The evolution of health care is quickening. Energy medicine is becoming the preferred means of addressing health concerns, and as a natural adjunct to traditional allopathic care. Be a part of this journey in attaining your highest potential – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Come Home to You is a program of classes and coaching developed by Aprylisa over years of working with women who have experienced life’s tricky transitions that can batter women’s confidence, sense of self, and feminine energy. This program is magical blend of divine feminine practices, sustainable daily practices and energy medicine skills that gently and compassionately leads women to restore their personal  power and presence and be seen, heard and sovereign* over themselves.  * Freedom, control and power.

Give yourself the experience of this revolutionary work! Call Aprylisa for a free 15 minute consultation at 720-297-7175.

Whether you work with her in Private one on one healing sessions, invite her to lead a workshop for your group, or participate in her Come Home to YOU workshops and Coaching Program one thing is certain.  You will welcome life changing results that will give you cause for dance and celebration!

start-Healing-nowLet Aprylisa support you to the next level of your health and well-being.

You will giggle like a girl and live like a wise woman!

Aprylisa Snyder

Heal, Create, Thrive with Aprylisa Healing Arts
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