Heal, Create, Thrive: The Despacho Ceremony

Personal Ceremonies: What is a Despacho?

A despacho is a ceremony, a work of art, a visible prayer, made to offer our intentions to spirit. Its name derived from the Spanish word for missive, message, or care package.

In essence we build a mandala of natural and made elements, each placed in the configuration with your conscious intention in harmony with other participants. This creation will them be wrapped in paper, tied, and wrapped again in sacred cloth. We will one by one acknowledge the this group prayer and the bundle will be burned.

Please bring elements for the despacho that represent your dreams and desire for this year to be put in the bundle. (Remember – you won’t get them back –they are an offering). Consider bringing symbols that reflect your prayers and desires the on physical, spiritual and heart levels of your being: Poems on a piece of paper, an item for each of the four elements and direction, sweets, grains, incense, minerals, spices, symbols, …etc.

For a more complete list you can email me at aprylisa@aprylisahealingarts.com

Tied Despacho Bundle

Don Manuel Q’espi, an elder of the Peruvian Q’ero tribe, spoke of despachos in this way:

“The despacho is a gift–a giving back of what we receive everyday in our lives. We seek, through the despacho ceremony, to bridge the ordinary and non-ordinary realms; to establish new patterns of relationships and possibility. The despacho places us in right relationship, right Ayni, with Pachamama and all of her manifestations.”



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