Long Distance (Remote) Healing Sessions

Long distance healing has been scientifically documented.

How do distance sessions work?

Energy Medicine is based on quantum physics theory and the belief that all things are connected through energy. With your permission, I access your energy field through intention to commence the session. I have successfully done remote balances for people and pets both in the US and internationally.

How do we set up a distance session?

Call me or choose the online booking option to set up a time and make your payment. We can do the session over Skype if you would like. You need to invite my skype address, aprylisahealing, for us to connect.

Be in a place where you can relax and process the session (sometimes you will have a response to the session as I am doing it). Though I can do the session at any time, I prefer to agree on a chosen time to work with you. You simply tune in through intention and attention at the beginning of the session.

I record the session and after we talk I send you a written or audio version of it.

Will I feel the distance session?

Some clients have emailed me at the time and am doing a session to say they feel it. Other people do not feel the session but notice the changes the session has made in their lives immediately or over time, depending on how your innate wisdom guides the healing process.

How do I schedule a distance session?

Choose the online option or Email or call me. I will talk with you for about 15 – 20 minutes to do an intake and learn more about you and your concerns before I do the first session.

How much are distance sessions?

Distance Sessions have proven to be as effective as in person sessions. Remote sessions are the same price as in person sessions. I take credit card payments prior to the session. I process the session fee on the day of the session, not before.

How do I pay for a session?

Choose the  Distance selection for Sessions here


Contact me if you have specific questions about how Energy Medicine can help you thrive.

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