Eclipse of The Feminine

  The August 7 lunar eclipse marks the end of an eclipse phase which began with the February 2017 Lunar Eclipse. Together with the August 21 solar eclipse, it will remain active until the lunar eclipse on January 31, 2018. The connection between the events in February and now shows us how nature has processes, things that evolve over time, as well as things that happen in a flash. We can learn both awe and patience from this lesson. This lunar eclipse effects the feminine nature in all of us, especially emotions, home life and love relationships. Now is the time to ask what’s...

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In the Mudra: How to Have Healing Hands

It is believed that the human body is the microcosm of the five elements – fire, air, water, earth and meal, each present in fixed proportions in our body-mind-energy system. The hands play an important role in healing experiences. First, because of their connection with the heart meridian, and secondly, because each finger represents an element. “Mudras” are hand positions that channel specific forms of energy through the body. Mudras are most commonly associated with hand gestures which result in subtle energy effects by balancing the flow of energy throughout the energetic channels the integrated  body/mind/spirit. In the Indian tradition...

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Dancing with Bears: Reclaiming Feminine/Masculine Balance

In the last month I have been back in the studio creating with clay. I have been playing with clay since I was 6 years old. It weaves in and out of my life and I am continually amazed at the life lessons I learn from squashing, molding, carving and firing it. It has taught me process, patience and presence and gives me great joy. We all need a source of great JOY! Check out my occasional live streams on what clay is teaching me now on my Aprylisa Snyder FB Stream! What has really surprised me is my hands...

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Do It Anyway

The lights come up. And in front of 15 million people, she nails it! She’s 14. Brennley Brown, the youngest contestant on The Voice, rocked the house with a new rendition of “Do it Anyway” link.  Her solid, grounded presence and courage to share her heart through the music drove this great song to YouTubes top 10. What song are you not singing? Are you standing on a precipice between wanting and doing? (Learn how to have more confidence to make that leap here!) I am leaping. I’m doing my first solo open mic soon. Unlike Brennley, I am not...

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Reiki for Surgery Recovery

The choice wasn’t easy, but it became clear. Yet I knew,  “I got this. I got Reiki.” That day in the dance studio, over 20 years ago, during rehearsal it happened. I was on the floor, knees crossed ready to rise slowly in a dramatic spiral.  My right foot slipped. There was the pop, the pain, the lock. I couldn’t get up. I had torn the medial meniscus in my right leg.   The little spongy pillow between my femur and tibia had shredded.   Two months later I was having experimental surgery – called arthroscopy.  Two tiny dots of scars and three months of side-by-side physical therapy...

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How to Get the Most Out of that Ugly Cry

Frustrated, Overwhelmed, Angry as Hell? Have you ever had one of those times when you just needed – yeah you know – you needed a BIG UGLY CRY? Here are 7 tips for you and your bestie, sometimes called the Ugly Cry Ally, to get the most bang for those buckets of tears! For the Ugly Cry Gal: Be in a safe place where you won’t be interrupted. Call or (best practice) be in the presence of your Ugly Cry Ally who knows these rules! Prepare: Grab a hanky (or a sheet depending, on the issue). Let go of Judgment....

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Eyes of Love

  Experience your love with more confidence, consciousness and connections Be Sociable, Share! Tweet

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Dear Valentines: Tips for Confidence and Connection

Sometimes events in our life can leave us feeling uncertain and powerless. Issue and events can trigger our stress response and send us into freeze. Living in our heads – spinning with ideas, worry and confusion, compound our stress. You can recover your balance, spirit and courage. Hare are 3 tips you to help you bust stress and boost your self-confidence in troubling times. As Nina Simone sings: No one wants to live alone Who wants to smile, laugh, or cry alone Have we lost the touch that means so much Have we lost the human touch Yes, The secret...

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Free Your Belly 1: Suck it up vs. Your Breath of Life

In my Come Home to YOU coaching programs and workshops, I help women live with more confidence, freedom to be themselves, and powerful creativity to live the life they love. The wisdom of the body is an essential component to find more wisdom and ease in our lives. In my 8 week Come Home to You: The Journey Home coaching program I teach physical practices that turn theory into embodiment. “Lay down on your back, knees to the ceiling. Let your knees fall into each other and rest. Now allow your belly to be soft and round.” I said as...

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Finding out Way on the Journey

Starting the Journey with a brilliant  circle of women! this is the place for letting go of masks, this is the place for the ugly cry. This is place for joy! —– Feeling so grateful for the circle of women in my Come Home to You: The Journey coaching program. The changes in just two class sessions are amazing. Finding our core identities through presence and compassion with ourselves and each other. Setting our sights on the changes we yearn for and seeing those steps emerge with support and love of each other. Each step taken with more balance wisdom...

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