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Finding Clarity

When I came to work with Aprylisa I had a feeling of distress and sadness, and tightness in my stomach.

After the session, I felt lighter, happier and understood that I needed to view the situation without the heavy family influence I had been viewing it under.

Aprylisa was very nice, very intuitive, and helped me clear out feelings and connections that were not serving me.

She provided clarity that I could not see for myself.  Emily Aguero

From Negative Emotions to Better Communication, “I feel lighter”

“I reached out to Aprylisa for healing for my  heart and spirit,  and to clear negative emotions with my husband. What I received after our sessions was a lifting of the negativity. More clarity. More joy. Better communication with my husband.

My husband is more hopeful. I feel much lighter, not so bogged down.

Aprylisa is very easy to speak with, she has an incredible gift and ability to be able to see beyond, as well as get to the root of an issue very quickly.

I will work with her again!”  – Lea ( Long Distance Client)

First Class Reiki Instruction

Reiki FB banner” Aprylisa is a wonderful teacher whose clarity is matched by her warmth. She lives reiki. My reiki attunement has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life. There are so many ways that I now use reiki in my everyday life. Learning reiki with Aprylisa is truly the gift that keeps on giving.”  – Katherine Malachuk

Healing Naturally, without Drugs: Laugh, Cry, No Homework!

Hope Returns, Mood lifts : Long Distance Session

A mom reached out to me to do a session for her daughter after her daughter had a major set back that had her feeling hopeless. Here is the result of the session:

Thank you so much!!! I wanted to share my daughter’s feedback with you.

My daughter texted me yesterday and said “Did you have that session done on me?”  So I called her and said “Yes, did you notice anything?”  She said “Yes, I am so much happier, I now have a deep feeling that everything is fine.”

Even her husband said to her that night that she was in a much better mood than she had been for a week and my grandson told her the next morning that she was much happier than she had been.  She thanked me very much and said she feels so much more grounded and positive about life.

Thank you for sharing your gift with us, it makes my heart feel so full that I could assist my daughter, her husband and my grandson with this one small gesture.

Danette B.

A Horse Comes Home – To Herself

A Horse Comes Home – To Herself


Aprylisa, thank you for the session & the profound relief & shift you’ve created for my horse!

Yesterday was the first time in three weeks since I got her, when I was able to have dinner with my husband instead of going to the stables to check on the new mare because I was so worried about her!

A little bit about her: She is a 5 y 16 hands off the track Thoroughbred. I don’t know much of her history, but she ran her last race about two month ago & was retired because ‘didn’t want to run anymore’.

When I got her she was very underweight and had the energy of hopelessness & shock. There are scars on her face from a stud chain & a halter that has been too small. She didn’t like being touched past her shoulders, was finicky with her grain & was merely tolerating our interactions.

It was amazing to see her response & her interaction with you! (never mind that you were on my phone screen via SKYPE) She was not tied during the session and yet, she stayed with us & by the end of our session she was rubbing against me like a house cat!!!

Since our session two days ago, she is so much lighter in her spirit, her face is softer, she licks & chews & leans into me when I’m giving her body rubs. She stands quiet when tied down, but it feels she chooses to do so now. Not because she is terrified to make a wrong move!

Yesterday she ate all of her grain without lifting her head out of the bucket! :)) It feels like you’ve returned her spirit to her body & now it is a every curious & a very hungry horse!

It is as if you were able to translate for me & tell her in Horse language that she is OK now, she is safe, cared for & that she can relax & enjoy life now!!

Thank you!!! … and you were able to convey to me the name she chose for herself… Nisan, It means Miracle in Hebrew. :)))

Her sweet nature & spirit is starting to blossom, instead of being crammed into the darkest corner of her heart… I hope we could have another session when it will be time to begin to work with her. –


Eugenia Smirnova

Releasing Childhood Patterns

“I was having a lot of flashbacks from my childhood. Through my work with Aprylisa I was able to identify why they brought up certain feelings for me now. Now, I’m more aware of how these thoughts are affecting me. During my work with Aprylisa I felt it was a very safe, comfortable and relaxing environment. I have moved through and released layers of my anxiety and excited to continue my healing journey with Aprylisa.” – D.D.

45 Seconds Later

“Aprylisa did a healing on me that brought my soul back into my body and aligned me somehow.

Being a skeptic on Boulder WooDoo, I have to say I was an ass and instantly felt better and my head is no longer hollow and echoie!

I highly recommend her WD to all. It is magic to me. I’m blessed”   – S.


The back story:

S. had been in an accident that left her arm broken in two places and whiplashed. I was in one of her classes and when she stood next to me I felt her pain. My hands spontaneously got warm. When this happens (usually in my sessions) it’s an indication there was a healing about to happen!

I asked her is  she would mind if I touched her. She said ok . .I notice her  energy was hanging out about 15 feet to the upper  left of her.  I brought  her energy into her body, realigning her. “Something  in my hips just shifted, popped,” she said. When I touched her head, heat came off her body, especially under my hands. Heat is an indication that the body is releasing trauma.

45 seconds later she had the above lasting results.



Healing Family Relationships and Finding Connection

I came to Aprylisa feeling low energy and disconnected. I had anger towards the father of  my child that I wanted to resolve.

I instantly felt safe and that I would find a solution to a few issues that had plagued me for quite some time – if not years.

After my work with Aprylisa I no longer react when I speak to or of my child’s father.  I feel more at peace.  This occurred during the first session!

I also feel more at peace and more connected to everything in general.  Aprylisa gave me tools to remove negative energy and recharge when I am feeling low as well as protect myself when others try to invade my space and/or take my energy.
In addition, I am looking forward to Aprylisa clearing my home from from any residual energies that have been attached to me /my house.

I would tell anyone looking for peace and serenity, as well as an overall sense of well being, to jump at the chance to work with Aprylisa.  Absolutely! ”   – B.D.

“…something nobody has ever been able to do.”

“I have struggled off and on with anxiety and depression since adolescence.  When I was in college, I tried self- medicating, which didn’t work.  As I grew older and became a working Dad and husband, I tried all the suggested anti-depressants, but that didn’t work.  Luckily, my sobriety brought me in contact with meditation, which was the most effect tool I had found.  Although I grew from analyzing my fears and “leaning in” to them, sometimes they got the better of me.

Just when I thought I was growing and letting go of my old fears and anxiety, one of my old anxieties arrived suddenly and brought me to my knees.  I was fortunate to find out about Aprylisa.  Aprylisa was able to help me identify the causes of my lingering anxieties, something nobody has ever been able to do.  Finally being able to identify my anxieties has enabled me to finally let go of them, forgive their causes, forgive myself, and live this life.

From the very first moment I met Aprylisa, I could perceive that she was a natural born healer with a special gift.  She has a calming presence, which helped me to open up and heal.  My overall experience with Heal, Create, Thrive with Aprylisa Healing Arts has been a very positive, life changing experience. I have received Emotional, Spiritual, Mental, and  Physical benefits from this process.”


“What a beautiful experience…” (Distance Healing Session)

“I’ve never experienced a healing session like that before–what a beautiful experience.

I enjoyed it very much, felt like it benefited me a lot and definitely brought up emotional issues that I buried or not given much significance to in the past.

Thank you again for such a gift.

I know that I am healing, and look forward to seeing that manifest in my body more and more.

… I feel I’ve had an emotional release and feel great for getting rid of a whole pile of other people’s junk!

I appreciated your way of not making me feel uncomfortable with my tears and guiding me through the clearing and visualizations.

An excellent experience with an obviously compassionate, knowledgeable, gifted healer.”

L.W. (Skype client)

Heal, Create, Thrive: Transformation of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Heal, Create, Thrive: Transformation of Body, Mind and Spirit.

I started seeing Aprylisa over 2 years ago.  I first went to her primarily for chronic neck and shoulder pain.  However, I was also struggling with some emotional issues, relationship issues, and confused about my spirituality, as well.

From the beginning I felt an overall sense of ease and well being following our sessions.  Occassionaly, after an emotionally intense session, I would experience some initial exhaustion or even a heaviness.  I realize now that these were energetic shifts taking place throughout my entire being…at times which I think I tried to resist.

Over time and since I’ve started studying Bodytalk myself (more specifically, Animal Bodytalk) my sessions have become much more transformational, perhaps because my mind, body, and spirit are ready for these shifts and awakenings. As a veterinarian, it has also deeply affected how I relate to my patients and their people and given more meaning to what I do.


I have realized that most, if not all, of my physical pain/discomfort stems from deeply rooted belief systems, stress, memories, etc.  My chronic neck and shoulder pain have virtually disappeared.  I have occasional discomfort, but it doesn’t even compare to where I was 2.5 years ago.  Sessions with Aprylisa have also helped me deeply explore my spirituality and have helped me gently take an honest look at myself and what hid beneath all the layers I had created to “protect” myself.

I have to admit, this journey hasn’t always been an easy one.  I had to be brutally honest with myself and wasn’t always ready to face the truth behind my pain.  I can’t say enough positive things about Aprylisa and her natural innate ability to assist and guide me through this process.  She believed in me when I couldn’t and stood beside me when I felt like the earth was crumbling beneath me.

The most recent session was definitely the most transformational.  ..Throughout the entire session I could feel my body vibrate and twitch.  I could feel the energy pulsating from my fingertips and toes, and I could feel the heat beneath Aprylisa’s hands.  I left the session feeling refreshed, joyous, and present.  Over the past week (since the session) I have felt a sense of knowing and peace throughout my soul that I’m experiencing on a different level than I ever have before in my life.  I truly feel like I can stand on my own and look within for strength and power instead of relying on outside sources.

Although I know I have many more layers to peel away, I am grateful for the journey and what I have learned about myself along the way.  Thank you, Aprylisa!

K. Fryburg

Become Master of Your Own Destiny

I came to Aprylisa with the initial concern, or condition, of feeling lost and stuck in my beliefs, and in my energy flow.

I benefited from working  with Aprylisa through  different types of energy work, different exercises to follow, and some book recommendations. I noticed more energy through the treatments, and a clearer vision of the person I choose to be.

My overall experience was life changing, and very refreshing. I feel that by trusting her methods, and allowing myself to get fully into the treatments, that I have allowed my life to change as I would like it to. My self esteem is in the process of positive transformation, thanks to Aprylisa.

It was a very beneficial process. I felt very supported.  I was extremely satisfied with the services provided. Aprylisa is wonderful, and has helped me in so many ways. I appreciate working with her, and will call her when I am in need of a ” 3 pack” down the road.

I am so grateful to know Aprylisa, and I realize that she is a gift to society, because she has the wisdom to know what her talents are, and to use them to benefit others. She is authentic, and one of a kind.

-Kyle Troxel – Master of His Own Destiny

Clearer Thinking After Stroke

“I came to see Aprylisa after having had a stroke 3 years before.
I was not thinking clearly and had a lot fear.
After the first treatment  I was much more calm, thinking better and speaking much more clearly. Aprylisa is playful, fun, intuitive, thoughtful, kind and quiet, she is open enough to see what needs to be done and moves on it with clear honesty.
I was totally please with the results I had from my sessions with Aprylisa!”


No More Stress in My Heart

In this lifetime, not everyone gets the opportunity and to experience what Aprylisa Healing Arts offers.

I was amazed, and at times felt in wonder with all that Aprylisa knew about me.
Before I saw her I was doubting myself a lot, blaming myself and taking the blame for everything and now I am more appreciative of myself and criticisms make me smile because I am made aware of my real self.
I am now more confident, self motivated and strong both on the outside and on the inside. I am handling put downs a lot better and I don’t feel like everything is my fault.

I sleep better and my nightmares have subsided and I no longer feel stress in my heart.
I am also exercising more and experiencing more physical and spiritual strength.

Thank you so much for helping me. God bless. –  A.C.



Back on the Yoga Mat!

B. came to see because arthritis in her legs had kept her from the physical activities she once enjoyed.

After three sessions she reported:

“Woo hoo! Back on the yoga mat and back in the gym, ready to reclaim my healthy self!

Huge gratitude to the gifted, incomparable Aprylisa Snyder for the healing work that jump-started it all.

Could not have made this leap without you!”

B. Y.

Blocks to Pregnancy Resolved

Blocks to Pregnancy Resolved

I came to see Aprylisa for Stagnation and confusion in my life. Difficulty in ovulating, depression.

I’ve been able to look at and adjust ‘triggers’ around having children and fear of getting pregnant. I felt safe during the work and after the session, although very intense, I felt much better, not shaken or discombobulated.

We addressed a great number of issues each session with great success because of Aprylisa’s gentle and skillful guidance. Every session Aprylisa spends time to hear me out on what was going on with me and invited me to reflect on the problem from the different angle.

It was helpful to get little notes after the session. I’m looking forward to continue working on important stuff in my personal and professional life. The results are profound.


Ashley Josephine: Business Coaching by Aprylisa Healing Arts

Ashley broke out in a business gallop after our work together.  In addition to clearing her limiting beliefs, balancing her business relationships and helping her find her true passions I helped her create a unique way of inviting  clients  to work with her and her elevator speech.  Ashley recently took the leap into her passion full time and is now yoga teacher extraordinaire at http://ashleyjosephine.com/!!!

Pain Free, Weight Loss and Spiritual Unfoldment

“To all my facebook freinds and family, I want to tell you the journey I have been on for four weeks now.

As much of you know I have been dealing with a pain in my stomach for over 4 years, I have had three surgerys been on many different medications and gone through many test. I had gained 25 pounds and looked as if I were 7-8 months pregnant, drs couldnt find anything and had sent me to a pain management specialist, ( he just give you different meds till he finds something to either get rid of the pain or make you not care).

I saw a show on tv about these people called Holistic Healers and thought I would give it a shot I had nothing to loose. My brother in law David Hussey has been studying this kind of stuff for several years and sent me to a women he knew of her name is Aprylisa she has been a gift from God.

After only seeing her four times I have no more stomach pain, am off the crazy meds the pain managment specialist had me on and have lost my pregnant tummy, I have also lost 7 pounds doing nothing but healing my soul, and putting all my faith in the creator.

If you or someone you know that is struggling or dealing with pain please give Aprylisa Snyder a call and see if she can help you on your lifes journey her number is 720-297-7175 her website is AprylisaHealingArts.com. I am not one to put alot of this kind of stuff up here but when your soul is hurt and not heading in the right direction it will do what it needs for you to listen to it.” – Stacey

Resolve Emotional Memories in the Body

This was my first experience with Aprylisa.

Aprylisa found I still had some muscle/bone memory from my injury when I was younger. I don’t think I’ve ever forgiven my cousin for his misjudgment, but I was able to let that go. I discovered that you are not pretending to know what you are doing! No one in Colorado knew about my accident, but in the first 45 seconds you knew… Awesome!

Also, I had some inner reflection of some issues with my mom that I’ve been putting off and I think I’m going to be able to deal with them now. Through the session I released a great deal of stress, pain, and insecurities from the past. I’m excited to see what the future holds in the areas that were blocked.

Additionally, I was surprised by the focus in which you were able to see what was bothering my soul. I don’t know if that makes since, but it makes since to me.

I’ll be working on the mission that you released!

Trevor M.

Power Pact: Extremely Positive

Power Pact: Extremely Positive

“My experience with Aprylisa and Aprylisa Healing Arts has been extremely positive. Her competence in all the work made it comfortable to work with her. I came to Power Pact to clear away beliefs or blocks that were getting in the way of operating a successful business. Through the sessions and the process of the Power Pact program I gained many benefits including mental clarity, spiritual awareness and greater physical well-being. My relationship to myself has changed as well as to others and  to receiving. Also I have a new general sense of well being! – Bonnie

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Power Pact: Heal the Damage

Power Pact: Heal the Damage

“I am surprised by how Aprylisa can “see” into me and assess and heal the damage, from ages ago or even from a recent fall. When first joined Power Pack I was overly stressed and burdened, to the point of illness and the seeming inability to move forward. Through this process I received a feeling of relief and expansiveness; a much brighter outlook for the future; and getting to learn more from Aprylisa.  Insights that I have gained include that I can grow and expand myself to infinity — and so can everybody else — so there’s room for everyone!   Thanks for changing my life!”  – Kathy Raskowski


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Power Pact: Transformational Shifts

Power Pact: Transformational Shifts

I made many transformational shifts during the Power Pact personal sessions and clearings. These shifts included more emotional, physical well-being, and greater mental clarity and inspiration. I feel more at peace with my business plans and how they will unfold. I also feel less judgmental about myself. My perspective on life went from negative to positive I feel happier anymore energetic than before.

 It was significant for me and gave me the support I needed during a critical time in my work life.  I have tried many things so I was pleasantly surprised that something “clicked” for me during our sessions that made those shifts happen. I appreciate Aprylisa’s high energy, and positive, compassionate support and enthusiasm and am very grateful for the sessions we did together! I highly recommend session with Aprylisa for transformational shifts! -C.A.

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Power Pact: False Glass Ceilings

Power Pact: False Glass Ceilings

My intention for joining Power Pact was to remove the barriers that are holding me back from achieving success and financial freedom in my brand new business. My initial concern was that I had a lot of uncertainty about starting a new business and the unknown. I also came in with a slew of physical issues that have built up over time and a lot of fear and issues from my past that have deeply embedded in my body and energy.

My mindset has already radically shifted. I feel calmer and well equipped to handle tricky situations. I don’t feel scared to move forward. I’m more excited than ever before and more confident. I’ve also started manifestation and visualization exercises that have brought surprising clarity.

 I’ve gained a lot of insight about valuing my self-worth, the creation of a false glass ceiling I’ve created for myself financially and my obsession with “they,” which obviously just serves to distract me from being Ashley. … I’m not as afraid to follow my gut anymore.” – Ashley H.

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Power Pact: Clear Unknown Blocks

Power Pact: Clear Unknown Blocks

The work with Aprylisa cleared unknown blocks and limiting thoughts that were held in my body and mind. The work helped me to open up to what else is possible. Reminding me that their are an infinite number of new possibilities and new opportunities.  I have more spaciousness within myself for building my business.  This work prepared me for setting solid  ground of faith and trust in launching my new business!” – Ashleigh S.


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Power Pact: Energy Level Breakthrough


“After only my second session with Aprylisa, I got a breakthrough in terms of my level of energy as well as my state of mind. Low energy has been an issue for a number of years so this breakthrough has been significant for me. I had renewed enthusiasm for taking steps to change my career — increased clarity, inspiration, and excitement for all the possibilities. My sessions with Aprylisa were the jumpstart that I needed.  The shift in my mood was great — it was like that subliminal negative tape that had been running in my mind was GONE. This was only after two sessions so I look forward to more progress in my remaining sessions — I feel lucky to be able to get guidance from someone who is successfully running her own business and has past business experience combined with her skills with energy work.”    – Anon

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Heal the past, Heal the Present, Change Your Future

Aprylisa provided an insightful journey into memories of times past.  It is through this journey I was able to gain clarity in what I was seeking.  (I received) insights into influences that had been present in my as an infant, child and young adult that have a definite impact on my life.  More than I had known. Thank you for your help!
Debbie Winter, Atlanta GA

Business Growth though Energy Medicine!

Get ready for business growth from the inside out!

When I first came to Aprylisa, I wanted to address pain in my knees. She told me that, on an emotional level, knee pain was related to willpower and pushing one’s way through life. Busted. Indeed I had been pushing, pushing, pushing myself for countless years. I manifested lovely things in the world, most especially my two books.

However, it felt like there was a brick wall around my books and my career as an author. Shortly after publication of my books, my publishing situation had turned awful and unproductive. Even worse, my agent checked out. I felt stranded, trapped, and blocked. It is impossible to express in this brief testimonial all that Aprylisa has worked on with me over the past year. However, the major themes have been unfolding and ease. I settled into the now – started school at Naropa, began writing again with great joy, got married, and generally became more embodied. I fell in love with my life just as it is. I stopped thinking about the knee pain. Of course, it cleared up entirely. Moreover, I stopped thinking about the books. I completely let them be and moved into the present.

Shortly thereafter, my publisher gave me the rights back to my books, freeing me to take them to a new publisher. That is no small miracle. Then a new agent basically fell into my lap. I’m currently working on a new book proposal, and my agent will take that along with my two books to new publishers this spring. Even better, I feel relaxed, confident, and curious about the entire situation.

This is a marked change from my first time around with publishers. I fully believe that my work with Aprylisa contributed to this shift. She served as a conduit and helped me align my mind and body with my larger purpose. Now my endeavors as an author can grow from this clear, inspired, and very fertile ground.

Your business is your authentic gift to our world. Rather than pushing, pulling, or dragging it into being, you can unfold your offering gracefully from your heart. It will be real, and it will be way more fun. I’m beyond grateful to Aprylisa for liberating me from old, stale patterns and helping me open to a delicious new energy of joy and ease of being.


Audio Interview with Client

Listen hear for an interview with K.P., a nurse and Feldenkrais practitioner who discovered BodyTalk and Energy Medicine.

Listen by clicking here.

Releasing and Finding Balance

Releasing and Finding Balance

I came to see Aprylisa for equilibrium problems originally caused by a cold virus & head cold, and for congested lymph nodes that I had been experiencing for two weeks.  During the session I experienced a gentle release of energy and a change in the blocked, sore lymph node under the ear. It changed, opening up more. I also experienced more stability. I as very satisfied with the result of the session.  Aprylisa’s technique and style, and manner of healing is quite supportive and gentle and reminds me to invite in positive self-healing, and includes support of other tools, including visualization, healing energy, and clearing.
I would refer clients to Aprylisa when they are looking for healing and support of a different nature than what they may have already in place. Especially when emotional or spiritual, holistic healing is sought.  She helps me envision a new way of being , and provides a useful, new perspective in a loving, gentle manner that is also effective.    D.S.

Long term back pain gone!

Long term back pain gone!

Dear Aprylisa,
Thank you so much for helping me with my back pain.  I’ve been suffering for over a month and trying all kinds of therapies that just weren’t helping.  After only one hour session with you over the phone and a short 10 minutes follow-up the next day, the transformation is truly amazing.  I no longer feel that gripping, debilitating pain.  Thank you, thank you….you are a gem!

In joy,
Judy Brandt

Relief from Pain

“Before seeing Aprylisa, I have to admit that I was a bit of a skeptic about energy healing work.  But in one session, she helped me experience relief from spinal pain that other alternative and traditional modalities hadn’t helped.  And, she gave me strategies to work with the emotional side of the pain to use outside of our session.  Yeah!  Aprylisa is an amazing conduit for healing!”  Dinah Snow, Trainer, Speaker, Coach

Anxiety Vanishes: I had never done anything like this before.

Anxiety Vanishes: I had never done anything like this before.

I came to  see Aprylisa for possible hormone surges and/or anxiety.  My PCP and the doctor that I saw for a second opinion were unable to identify what was exactly going on with me.  I was just told my hormone levels were still unbalanced from having a baby a few months before the “surges” started and to just wait and give it time.  That answer was not sitting well with me and I was very frustrated.  I am a stay-at-home mom but was not very involved with my kids’ lives, and barely participating in my own, due to these surges and how horrible they made me feel.
During my sessions my meridians were aligned properly by Aprylisa.  I was shown some breathing techniques that help to keep everything in line and release stress.

Also, some situations and relationships from the past, and present, were brought up that had never been dealt with fully.  Aprylisa helped me release some pent up emotions from that.  After each session I felt lighter and yet more grounded.  I felt much more in control of my life and emotions.

Since my sessions my “surges” have almost completely disappeared.  I went from having close to 20 every day that were very intense (to the point of actually considering calling 911 a few times) to having 3 very mild, short “surges” in the last 3 weeks.  I feel so much better and am much happier because I feel up to playing with my small children instead of just putting a movie in because I didn’t feel good.  My relationships with my children and my husband has improved immensely.
I had never done anything like this before.  This was so much more helpful than any traditional doctor I had seen for this issue.  I had a wonderful, very positive experience. D. S.

Recovery of Feeling and Joy

Recovery of Feeling and Joy

I went to my first appointment with a need for an energetic cord to be removed that had been draining my life force.

The cord was just the beginning. We got into some much needed work regarding my childhood. I received a greater understanding of what it means to be in my body. After the appointments, I was able to…FEEL! Since then, I’ve been able to better identify when something is violating my truths, because the yes/no exists in my body.

I had been having reoccurring dreams in which I found myself in my parents house, which I had physically long left. Aprylisa helped guide me through this house, mentally and within my body, to dig deeper, to find the lost “me” that was huddled in the basement (that “dig” wasn’t just a pun!!:) and to help me move to new heights in life. It has been a gift to not go to sleep and find myself entangled in the suffocating roots of my body’s association with the past. I can walk outside. I can dream up green grass and trees that I have never seen before.

Also, Aprylisa worked hard with me to use my voice, which is important to me. I was aware that anger was pent up, but I did not know that so much could be released through some seriously primal sounds.

She helped me remember some of the most happy moments in my life and “re-program” my body so that I have a more positive place to go instead of the old default negative, fearful spots.   – Alison


Depression and Fertility Issues Cleared

Depression and Fertility Issues

I came to see Aprylisa for Stagnation and confusion in my life. Difficulty in ovulating,  depression.

I’ve been able to look at and adjust ‘triggers’ around having children and fear of getting pregnant.  I felt safe during the work and after the session, although very intense, I felt much better, not shaken or discombobulated.

We addressed a great number of issues each session with great success because of Aprylisa’s gentle and skillful guidance. Every session Aprylisa spends time to hear me out on what was going on with me and invited me to reflect on the problem from the different angle. It was helpful to get little notes after the session.

I’m looking forward to continue working on important stuff in my personal and professional life. The results are profound.


Aprylisa is a Gem

Aprylisa is a Gem

I always leave Aprylisa’s sessions with clarity, freedom and ease of being.

Together we have addressed physical pains, spiritual questions, emotional issues, stuck energy, future worries, creativity blocks. Probably much more!

This past session we did some past life explorations, which was easy and initiated by me. I didn’t plan on this. There may have even been a time in my life when the thought of past life regression was creepy or scary. But it simply came out. In many ways, this has been the most freeing session with any energy or bodyworker of any kind. I have a great sense of well-being and not sweating the small stuff. There is a clear knowing of this being a chapter in a much longer and more mysterious play. Also, the physical issues that were presenting have been greatly alleviated by this past life regression.

There are many special things about Aprylisa. Perhaps most important is her diversity of modalities. I have had body work, reiki, facials (with an energetic component), past life regression, holographic memory resolution, shamanism, five element balances.

She responds to where you are in the moment.

In doing so, Aprylisa treats you with integrity and intuition as well as great care and love. Sometimes I have very specific issues and other times it is more open. But every visit is illuminating and healing. She is a gem!

Katie M.

Retrieving Personal Power and Personal Renewal

Retrieving Personal Power and Personal Renewal

Working with Aprylisa I achieved a greatly increased sense of inner spaciousness, a lighter, happier mood.  There was a release of muscle tension and opening of energetic flow through my body coupled with a deeper appreciation and compassion for self.    Working with some early life influences on my illness I arrived at a more mature sense of self.  I came away  with a deep appreciation for who I am and what I have to offer. I am enjoying a renewed sense of freedom to be myself in the world!

Aprylisa holds a very safe, compassionate, intuitive, aware space for healing work. The work is a profound gift for healing. Wonderful! – 


Relationship Recovery

I highly recommend working with Aprylisa! Aprylisa has been essential in my healing process from the end of a 7 year marriage to the woman I made the love of my life. Her ability to choose the right modality to work with in the moment has helped get me unstuck and move through the pain of my transition so I can take responsibility for my life and continue to love the woman who is no longer my life partner. – S. M., Media Expert

Immediate Results

Immediate Results

“Aprylisa provided me with a variety of treatments for physical issues I was experiencing. I was not sure what to expect at my first visit, but she put me at ease and totally got to the heart of my problems within minutes. She assessed and worked on things using a variety of modalities, and I noticed immediate results. Aprylisa’s genuine compassion for my health and well-being was reassuring and comforting. I’m grateful for her ability to identify and treat my areas of concern, and I highly recommend her as a health practitioner.”

Robin Truesdale, Video Editor/Photographer and Independent Filmmaker

Good Vibrations

“Aprylisa has a gentle, calming nature. She is a master of several healing modalities and draws upon her varied experience in order to facilitate a relaxing experience evoking deep healing for each individual client. She has an elevated energy vibration (frequency) which enables her clients to resonate to a higher vibration simply by being in her presence. In addition, Aprylisa’s creative jewelery is imbued with the spirit of light and love…..:o)”

Carolyn (Inch) Van Nort RP-CRA, Founder of the Wellness Essence System
Wellness Essence System Practitioner

Pain Melted – Back to Skiing!

Pain Melted – Back to Skiing!

“Aprylisa is a woman who is very generous with her energy! One morning I woke up with a huge pain in my back. I just laid down, she taped my hand and in seconds (not even minutes) my pain melted. I was really amazed at how efficient and fast she was! I would recommend Aprylisa without any doubt, she knows what she is doing, she is strong and sweet. I just loved my session and in the same morning I went skiing !!!”

Rosine Bramly, International Astrologer, Writer for Groupe Marie Claire

Back Pain Gone

Back Pain Gone

Thank you so much for helping me with my back pain. I’ve been suffering for over a month and trying all kinds of therapies that just weren’t helping. After only one hour session with you over the phone and a short 10 minutes follow-up the next day, the transformation is truly amazing. I no longer feel that gripping, debilitating pain. Thank you, thank you….you are a gem!”

Judy Brandt, Owner JB Face & Body Spa


“Thank you very much for the session- it really was lovely. I definitely connected with your energy and felt shifts while you were doing it. I felt very grounded, centered, and relaxed afterward. My kitty seems better, too!”

Candy Kinne, Parker, Colorado

Aprylisa with Cowboy“I just checked Cowboy’s (the horse) movement- moved his hind end laterally from left to right and back again to the left. I also backed him up his 10 paces. He has regained his mobility in all directions!!! I am thrilled!! Thank you so much! There is no evidence of the previous difficulty in his stride on his right hind leg! I felt the right flank muscle move right under my hand when you did the session. It was so amazing to feel the results immediately. The other information you gave me about how he feels about the other rider was very helpful. Thanks again!”

Celeste and Michael

“Wow! Aprylisa! Thank you for this work. I feel deeper, more relaxed and a desire to integrate whatever is needed! I’ll be back! Lots of great healing and discovery has come forth for us both. Thanks! I don’t know what you do but I love it!”



“Aprylisa has amazing skill and clear intuition that she uses to rapidly pinpoint and clear predominant issues. She is warm and personable and a joy to work with.”

Andrea Jackson, Radiant Awareness


“It’s like spiritual physical therapy!”

Chris Jennison

“Thank you again! The work — it was amazing! I did a really big shift. I was quite ecstatic actually. It was really big and I trusted the work and you!”


“Thank you so much for your gift of speaking directly to my body and bypassing my conscious brain. The two sessions that I had with you have helped tremendously. The tingling numbness which was in the back of my neck for so long was erased after the last session with you. Everything else feels wonderfully aligned: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. To my greatest delight, this BodyTalk method of healing really works — without dialogue, without manipulation, without drama. What a relief!”

Ingrid Johnson, The Baby Parenting Coach

“Combining incredible insight with her superlative skills in BodyTalk and other techniques, Aprylisa’s work totally impressed me in just the first 2 sessions. In addition to shifting and clearing, I experienced several valuable insights. I can’t wait for my next session to work more with this highly gifted healer!”

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing

“Aprylisa brought a huge healing and stepped into a very needed role in the process without batting an eye. She performed Shamanic ceremony and some of the most incredible serendipitous moments came through her efforts. You are amazing, Aprylisa, we couldn’t imagine this without your gifts and love. Thank you!”  A.C.

Sonja, Nurse

“My bowling score isn’t as high as I’d like but with BodyTalk I’m going to get back in my game! I just want to keep coming back!”

Inspired Action

Inspired Action

“I loved the work you did with me yesterday! Today I’ve been full of exciting ideas for moving forward and have spent the morning JOYFULLY acting on one of them. In fact, I have to tear myself away to go eat! This has been my dream — to be inspired to action rather than using my will power to whip myself into action. Thanks for being the perfect co-creator for me! I feel more in my body, I became aware of my feelings…The lid’s off my body sense of feelings!” – Alexis Miles

Paul C., Practitioner

“I appreciate your combination of discernment and highly developed skills—as well as your, shall we say, overflowing, joyful self! I am glad that you are getting your work out there and support you in that, because you do rock at this work.”

Fibromyalgia Pain Gone

“I felt SO FANTASTIC after my session, getting used to my new balance–feeling more like I used to 5-6 years ago! … by early afternoon the next day, my pain was completely gone, and my muscles were quite flexible! NEVER has that happened!

I am still holding my balance, my muscles are feeling better, the bone spurs on the back of my right foot are 85% better, and I have much better energy! I feel 15 lbs lighter, too.… I am thrilled with the change in my fascia from your work with me. Thank you!” – Kathryn

Pain Gone, Energy Back & Distance Healing

Pain Gone, Energy Back & Distance Healing

“While we were at a meeting in Colorado, Aprylisa was talking with me and was obviously aware that I was having severe lower back pain and fatigue. I was aware that she was involved with an alternative type of treatments, but knew nothing about what it was. After talking with me for a while, she asked if she could have a session with me, and I said sure, thinking I had nothing to lose.

Not only was there nothing to lose, there was much to gain! After about an hour of a session that was entirely new to me, my back pain was gone, and my energy level was significantly improved! I was amazed and really impressed. Without being told anything about my significant medical problems, she told me that there was a problem with my kidneys. Indeed, I do have mild renal insufficiency, and she had no way to know about it other than the skills she has doing the Body Talk.

After we were back in Atlanta I was having other issues, and she did a couple of sessions over the phone. Both of these were successful in relieving my symptoms. I have been very impressed with Body Talk and Aprylisa as the practitioner.”

Deborah Mitchell

“All my energy fields are still gently moving into a new ‘song of light’. Thank you so much for a truly glorious session yesterday. You are a beautiful spirit and being and it was a gift (in many ways, thank you!) and blessing to move with you in a ‘dance and song of glory!’ I am excited about my ‘home work’, which I will embrace and begin today. My sacrum feels alive and truly is grateful for the love it received yesterday and the renewal that arrived… Your gift to the world within your work is extraordinary!”

Brandi Campbell, Denver

Back Pain Melted Away

I have had chronic back pain for months. It has kept me from work.

In my session with Aprylisa she barely touched me and I went from a pain level of 10 to 0 in five minutes

Brandi Campbell, Denver

Katie Pressman, Nurse

“Aprylisa is magic!”

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Susan F.

“Aprylisa saved me another trip to the chiropractor!”

Katie Malchuck, Author & Yoga Instructor

“Aprylisa, I still can’t get over my good fortune in finding you! I feel great!!! My knees already feel much better, and overall, I just feel lighter and more at ease. I feel a great shift. Nurture and play indeed. I just returned from snowboarding.”

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