Truman Makes a Shift – Distance Healing for Pets

“I want to thank you again Aprylisa for the amazing, transformational session you did for Truman, our “foster” dog. (I put that in quotes because if he chooses, he can be our “for real” dog. We’re waiting for him to decide.)

As you know, before the session, he was so traumatized by the abuse he’d suffered that he saw every human as another abuser with the intent to destroy him. He cowered, trembled, refusing to even look at any of us when we approached. He wouldn’t take treats, wouldn’t eat or drink with anyone watching, and in the beginning, had vomiting and diarrhea from the stress of being forced to be around people.

I took Truman from the shelter as a foster dog with the confidence of someone who has never met an animal I couldn’t rehabilitate, and yet, after weeks of trying, I’d made no headway at all.

Then I met you, and the session you did for him began to turn the tide. Truman has made amazing leaps of progress since the remote session you did for him using me as a surrogate. I knew something phenomenal had occurred when I felt the energy you channeled through me during the session (and when I made an electrical spark every time I touched a light switch for the rest of that day!). My husband (a scientist who only believes what he sees) said that Truman woke up the next morning “a different dog.”

Since your session, Truman has revealed himself more and more, allowing himself to trust us enough to wag his tail and seek affection on his own. He takes treats from our hands now, and eats the second his bowl hits the floor. It’s been a bit like peeling an onion, and as you cautioned me, I shouldn’t expect the complete miracle overnight. But the miracle I’ve seen is miracle enough, and I know that we’ll be able to peel away the layers one by one until Truman is able to enjoy life as a dog and companion to whatever family he chooses in the end.

If not for you, Truman might not have a chance at life at all. And now, he has a chance not only at life, but a wonderful life.”

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