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Bars trades “The next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine.” – Dr. Oz

Are you struggling with health issues that just don’t go away? Would you like to heal gently with more ease and joy? Do you want to relax, rejuvenate and connect with your authentic spirit?

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Energy Practices FAQ’s

AvivaLife System draws on BodyTalk, Matrix Energetics, Reiki, and other energy practices approaches to support  your unique path to wellness. A sample of  issues the Aviva Life System addresses:
Chronic Pain – Divorce – Depression – Injury – Disease – Spiritual awakening Issues – Nurturing Psychic Opening – Creative Blocks – Emotional Issues – ADD – Learning Difficulties – Allergies – Digestive Disorders – Sports and Fitness – Relationship Issues
What are Energy Practices?

Energy practices operates on the concept that life force energy exists inherently in the body. When this energy is in balance it sustains health and well being. When it is out of balance it is reflected in the body as illness or disease. Clients are helped by the practitioner creating pathways for the body to balance itself. These pathways can be light touch, working with belief systems and consciousness technologies, moving the energy of the body, and listening to the body to guide the balancing work.

See my videos about energy medicine.

Energy practices are a stand-alone approach or a complement to other approaches to medical care. Many people are turning to energy practices as a way of gently, afford-ably and effectively returning to well being. Everyday there is more scientific evidence and research supporting what people positively experience with this modality.

What is BodyTalk?

BodyTalk restores the innate communication within the body so it can work at its peak potential to find well-being naturally. It is a fast, non-invasive, integrative, and profound energy practices to support your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.  It balances body, mind and spirit in a holistic, integrated way.

By letting your body “speak”, BodyTalk can synchronize and stimulate your innate wisdom to return your body to optimal health. This complimentary  alternative to standard medicine is at the forefront of a health care revolution. It provides deceptively simple, effective and affordable health care based on a synergistic blend of western and eastern medical kYoga mat1nowledge.

With BodyTalk I follow a specific and comprehensive protocol to find disconnects and imbalances of communication in the body. Then, through a series of simple techniques that can include tapping, hand positions on the body, and eye movements, the body’s reconnected lines of communication return it to ‘balance,’ restoring the body’s innate power to heal.

How does the AvivaLife System work?

The body knows how to repair itslef. For example, a cut on your finger will heal without constant attention, rebuilding each cell with its inherent ability to mend the wound until the skin and flesh are restored to their original template. This miracle is based on constant, clear communication of body systems with each other. When stress interrupts this communication, imbalance and disease result.

AvivaLife System gently restores this vital communication, allowing the body to regain health naturally.  Using a simple neuromuscular biofeedback technique, I discover the “broken links” of communication within the body. Then, with hand positions and gentle tapping, the energetic flow between these parts of the body and mind is restored.  By listening to the body we bypass the mind (and often assumptions and diagnosis) to find the actual “priority” for restoring your health. Often, clients are amazed at the speed and depth to which AvivaLife System can address their concerns.

What happens during an AvivaLife System session?

Your first session includes a health history as well as a balancing session. During the health history I ask you about your concerns and goals. You then lie fully clothed on a comfortable massage table and have the option of having a blanket cover you. Please wear comfortable clothing. As we do the session I hold your left hand and ask your innate healing wisdom where it wants to focus on in the protocol. Then I define the energy connections that need to be addressed as priorities in this session. Each session is unique to the client.

We make these connections using an ancient yoga technique engaging the brain and heart in updating your energetic field with this new information we call a Balance. People frequently report an experience of a peaceful sense of well being during the session.

How long are sessions?

Generally the first session takes 60 minutes and includes an intake questionnaire. Most following sessions last between 45 and 60 minutes. Some sessions are shorter than others. I have seen significant change in a 5-minute session! Your body will indicate when the session is complete.

Do I have to have a particular spiritual belief to be a client?

We are accessing your own body’s energy field and addressing specific priorities in regards to your body, mind, emotions and spirit.  This is not channeling, nor does it involve any religious doctrine, as we are accessing the consciousness of health we all inherently share. Some clients ask for their own spiritual beliefs to participate in a session for themselves. Some don’t have any spiritual beliefs. If you have any questions, requests or concerns about this please talk to me about it.

Why more than one treatment?

I highly recommend at least three sessions as we often work through layers of “balances” that need to be addressed before core issues are resolved. Often a course of treatment is required for an issue, as it has taken time to develop in the first place.  Sessions are led by the priorities indicated by your body. Many times there first needs to be an overall “tune-up” in your energy field to allow deeper work to flow more easily in later treatments.  At the end of each session I ask your body for guidance in when or if follow up sessions should take place.

Do you use the same balances for everyone?

AvivaLife System addresses your health as an individual. Your session is unique to you.  This is why results are so positive!

Can AvivaLife System hurt me?

AvivaLife System  is not invasive or dangerous whatsoever. It does not rely upon diagnosis and the practitioner does not prescribe, use invasive techniques, or do anything that can cause harm to the body. It can be classified as a totally safe and truly holistic approach to reestablish optimum health. It also “plays well with others”.  You can compliment your traditional healing methods with AvivaLifeSystem or use it as your main healing avenue. I have worked in concert with clients referred to me by counselors, therapists, doctors and consultants.

Who can AvivaLife System help?

Anyone who has stress in his or her life: Basically–Everyone. Adults, children, elders and animals all benefit from this work.


Reiki is a powerful energy medicine technique now commonly used in hospitals and clinics. I am a Master/Teacher Reiki practitioner and use Reiki as a constant flow of healing energy throughout each session. Reiki infuses each technique with a loving, comforting energy that connects the client more deeply  to source.  I offer Courting Reiki classes in all levels of Reiki for client self care and student professional education.

Matrix Energetics

(Level 1- 4 and Practitioner Training) accesses source energy at the quantum level to make changes in the hologram of the body/mind. Matrix Energetics operates  from the quantum physics premise that we are in essence comprised of different densities of energy  and  addresses health issues at the fundamental building blocks of life force.  Firmly based in science , ME can feel like magic as it dissolves, renews, repairs and reorganizes the body, mind and spirit for optimum wellness!.

DISCLAIMER: None of these techniques or systems are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent disease. These practices can be used as complimentary care. If you have a disease or medical condition, please consult with your physician or health practitioner.

What Other Services do you offer?

Aprylisa offers personal development and coaching programs to help women have more confidence, clarity and personal power. See her Come Home To You programs.


Recommended Reading
”The Field” by Lynn McTaggart
“Life Force: The Scientific Basis” by Claude Swanson
“Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life” Wayne Dyer


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