From “Bah-Humbug” to “Happy Holidays”

Do you revert to being 20 years younger when you’re around certain people? Have you seen yourself become a different person in a group, even if you have had great successes, achievement and changes?  You know you can change that?

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Slow Down, Touch In for Having a Happier Holiday

We are all busy people. Jobs, kids, homes, connecting, commuting, eating, making things work, making dollars stretch. Holiday time can compress that with more shopping, cooking, and social events and – FAMILY. Here’s a few tips to crack the holiday crazy code and audio bonus for you!

Taking a few “Precious Morning Moments” can mean the difference between sailing or battling through the holidays. Taking time out during stressful times, or before you enter stressful situations, you can tap into your inner wisdom, link up to your higher power and refocus your intentions. This is essential to transform your experience. Family, parties, meetings anything at the end of the year holiday season.

This tip is about Consciously creating the outcomes you want. These turn around auto pilot into “top Gun” “I got this!” If you do this you will have more, flow and synchronicity in anything you apply it to. Yes it works. Seriously. I know because it worked for me.

Seriously, Take a few minutes to get off the old round and round: step away from the frazzle. Get better results in your outcomes.

This has rewired me and my clients to have a better time!

AUDIO: Precious Moment complete version: (10 minute version)

Here’s the overview. Download the audio and use it on your phone to take a precious moment break to prepare your self for success this season.

Sit down in a comfy spot. Start by talking a deep breath.

Notice your feet, then calves, knees… etc, move up your body checking in with each area one at a time.

After you finish scanning at the top of your head, scan your body again with awareness and say “release, let go” at each focal point.

Having trouble relaxing? Tapping your heart and the top of your head will wake up core meridians. Get on line with 15 seconds of light tapping, while breathing deeply, then rest for 30 seconds. Repeat, then focus on resting breath. It takes 90 seconds to change your state. Ride through the wave of frustration, anger or sadness with this and change gears.

  • Set your Intention: How do I wan to be during this time? How do I want to treat others? What energy do I want to bring with me to each day right now?
  • Ask: Ask for guidance from your God, Higher Power or your Spiritual leader
  • Listen: When you tap in you get information the busy monkey brain misses. Listen deeply to your body, your spirit and allow your knowing to emerge.
  • Receive: Spend two minutes just receiving the guidance you get from your Ask.
  • Imagine: Imagine yourself handling every event, interaction and deed you will have this day with lightness, love and skillful means. Pick a word for how you see your self. Use it as a cue to take on this quality when you need to.
  • Encouragement: Give yourself a pep talk. “I can do this with ease”, “I can slow down, I got this”
  • Fluff your Aura: Gratitude enlivens all of you and makes you energetic, bright and shiny for the day!

Show up. Allow your inner wisdom to guide you. Slow down reactions. Be mindful.

  • Celebrate: Were you awesome? Did you change a pattern? Did you just survive? Reward yourself for making small changes in the way you related to others. Congratulate yourself for shifting YOUR consciousness and making your sprit a little brighter. It’s scientific: Catching yourself doing something good is more motivating than punishing and criticizing our selves!

Taking just 5 minutes before any task or event and setting your intention and “downloading” your desired feelings can change your outcomes dramatically. It’s worth it. Choose it.

Some interpersonal and familial patterns feel immovable. Some are so old you they feel impossible to change. I have seen patterns change and clients become free of outdated belief about themselves and others to find more freedom and come home to their true selves.

If you need support in making changes from emotional “auto pilot” to “top Gun, I got this pilot”, schedule an exploration call with me now.  Let’s explore how we can create more ease, less tension and more happy this holiday!

Happy Holidays!

Listen to the audio above will help you tap in.


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