3 Essential Lessons and My Gift to YOU

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I am so grateful for our work together this year, and always.

I am humbled and delighted in the transformations I see in body, mind and spirit in the work we co-create.

I am so grateful for the gifts you give me in what I learn from each session that connects body, mind and spirit, stirs the heart, and abounds in stunning and sometimes  hilarious  synchronicities!

These footprints of the divine are evidence that we are all connected. Spirit has infinite wisdom, power, joy – and humor!

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This year have gave me three key experiences that  lead to new commitments to you.

1. Permission to Want What you Want

“You’ve  already had enough ,” She said.

I was expressing a desire to travel more. I heard this stinging admonishment years ago. Yes, there was a sense of jealously and shut down in the phrase, but I bought it. I realized later how much I had paid for buying it.

I had sabotaged my authentic wanting. In many areas of my life I had relegated my energy to do what I should do, or “needed” to do (especially to please others opinion about what is important). Have you ever done that? Felt that? Where did it lead you?

A dear teacher gave me permission to WANT again. It was like a lightening strike. I began to pursue things I want, even though they didn’t “fit in” or make sense with my healing practice. Once I gave myself permission to WANT my world opened up with more opportunities, connections and rewards than I ever thought possible.

I  have had alot –  AND I will receive MORE please!

2. Refresh The Inner and Outer Creative Conversation

One of the things I desired and allowed myself to have was giving energy to art. I had always been told was “dead end”, a luxury and a side thing. Once I gave into to it (at the time it was the only option that gave me energy) I found it was essential for me to do to feel alive, in touch with myself, and be heart-filled. What happened next came on fast.

My work was accepted into a gallery, I was part of a group art exhibit, I created two spiritually oriented art and community events, and I experienced growth in my artistic expression and connections with others who love art.

This also brought a new awareness to what I call the “creativity conversation”. As we create, anything from clay work to business plans – we are simultaneously bringing all of our inner energies to play. These energies can be awesome, inspiring and wise. They can also be damning, judgmental, doubt-filled and, to borrow from Harry Potter, stupefying.

Maybe you know how this feels. To start to create, a new life or project, and then the “yadayada” of a negative inner conversation stops you in your tracks?

Working with my hands and imagination became a pathway for self-connection, as well as a challenge. The usual gremlins, comparison, what ifs, and memories of “ that’s not good enough!” crawled up out of my past.

I was so fortunate to have learned skills to help me engage in this conversation with more presence, awareness, choice and to get free from old patterns, choose new pathways, allowing judgment, shame and blame to dissolve. I love sharing these skills with my clients becaus e they then feel like they can do anything!

The process of creativity (some call it manifestation) is inherent in all we do – these skills are equally applied to writing a business plan, creating a speech and crafting a cake!

As I moved into creating, these positive  skills refreshed the inner conversation and gave me more freedom to create both art and my life with new joy and vigor. What makes you come alive? What is your hearts desire? What are you waiting for time, space and permission to BE?

Presence nips the Past in the … Bud!

3. A Ya Ya Tribe is Essential

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely. So many of my clients, mostly solopreneurs, express the desire to connect deeply in a place they can be vulnerable. They feel overwhelmed and that personal time is a luxury. It’s not possible to be vulnerable in most business environments and that is where business people spend most of their time.

What rocked my world this year was finding my “Ya-Yas” – wholehearted, reliable gal friends.

Networking and paid groups are good but nothing fills the heart like connecting privately and deeply with women who hold the same values, interests, commitment to growth,  honesty and consistency that mirrors yours. And they like you because they see you, and like you. Not because they have to. Or they need you as a contact.

One would assume that we find our tribe with people who do the same thing we do, or are involved with the same business pursuits. I found just the opposite was true for me at this time. A few of my “ya-ya” connections were made via paid groups but were not nurtured or sustained by them. I have a profound spiritual connection with each of my Ya ya as individuals.  Time, presence, and vulnerability built these relationships. Money or memberships cannot buy authenticity and the essential qualities of friendship.  I learned “busy” had to go on the shelf. I had to slow down, plan friendship time, and show up for others when they were in pain or celebrating. And the precious thing is – it is reciprocated.

We meet because we want to see each other and share our stories. We meet because we have each other’s back. We meet because of love.

These connections buoyed my spirit and gave me the courage to move forward in having what I want, my desires and what I dream of.

Where are you connecting? Have you found your tribe?

Connection with others is LIFE Saving!

These 3 essential experiences lead me to a new commitment to my work with my clients


  1. Wanting is GOOD: I will support you in getting and living what you want. What you really want. What your Heart’s Desire calls to!
  2. Creativity is Integral to Healing: I will integrate the creative process and all it’s gifts of presence, consciousness and joy in pathways to healing work.
  3. Connection is Essential: I will provide a container and ways for women to connect wholeheartedly within themselves and in relationship with others.

 Thank you and

have a blessed Thanks-Giving. Now and Always.

Want to have more of what you WANT?

Ready to Refresh your Inner Conversation?

Desiring deeper connection to your self and others?

As my gift to you this holiday I invite you to start the journey home to YOU.

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