Eclipse of The Feminine


The August 7 lunar eclipse marks the end of an eclipse phase which began with the February 2017 Lunar Eclipse. Together with the August 21 solar eclipse, it will remain active until the lunar eclipse on January 31, 2018.

The connection between the events in February and now shows us how nature has processes, things that evolve over time, as well as things that happen in a flash. We can learn both awe and patience from this lesson.

This lunar eclipse effects the feminine nature in all of us, especially emotions, home life and love relationships.

Now is the time to ask what’s working and what is not and make our choices on what to release and what to promote in our lives.

What Has Eclipsed Your light?

As life evolves we move through cycles of brilliance and shadow. We are all subject to aspects of life that “eclipse” the best in us.

  • Grief: Loss of a loved on or loss what a desire, or dream. Aching nagging feeling s that can come in waves. What have you lost that still tugs at your heart and soul?
  • Being Should Upon by Society: You should because.. You need to do this for …. You have to do this. . . You ought to …. What messages from society or those close to you have obscured your true self?
  • Pain: The restriction of physical pain can eclipse your confidence, your faith, and your resilience.
  • Fear: The shadow of fear can obscure your brilliance, telling you scary stories and convincing you that staying hidden is safe.
  • Worry can shade your every move, keeping you tentative rather than bold. What worries do you carry closer than in your pocket?
  • Trauma pain inflicted by others can feel insurmountable and shutter us away from ease, pleasure and success. What patterns keep you back from progressing upward in your life?


4 things to remember when the light goes dark:

  • An eclipse is a moving event, it only lasts for a while. The light does come back. Sun, stars and universe in motion – the magic is in the movement! You can change your emotional states quickly by moving your body.
  • Your past does not define your future: Since everything is in motion and changing you can make a new start every day.
  • “Keep your face to the sunshine and you can never see the shadow.” Helen Keller.  Shifting into  a positive state will over write programming from the past. Accessing this through meditation and intent lights the way back to your best self.
  • The body hold s the keys to your desires. Listening to and learning from the body to become a master of our own energy in darkness and light is one of our greatest journeys.


Want to let your light shine? Dance in your brilliance?

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What joy can be found in the body?

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