In the Mudra: How to Have Healing Hands

It is believed that the human body is the microcosm of the five elements – fire, air, water, earth and meal, each present in fixed proportions in our body-mind-energy system.

The hands play an important role in healing experiences. First, because of their connection with the heart meridian, and secondly, because each finger represents an element. “Mudras” are hand positions that channel specific forms of energy through the body.

Mudras are most commonly associated with hand gestures which result in subtle energy effects by balancing the flow of energy throughout the energetic channels the integrated  body/mind/spirit.

In the Indian tradition these fingers represent:

Thumb – Fire

Index or Jupiter finger – Air

Middle or Saturn finger – Ether/Space

Ring or Sun finger – Earth

Little or Mercury finger – Water

Many sacred paintings and sculptures show gods, goddesses, Buddhas or avatars holding their hands in positions that signify their teachings or spiritual states.

Mudra, meaning ‘seal’, has various connotations in yoga and meditation practices as well. Reiki, a spiritual healing system rooted in ancient Indian and Tibetan traditions, uses several hand positions to being sessions, receive transmission of reiki energy and channel reiki energy.

Here are two Mudras that can enhance meditation practice and shift moods with their intention and channeling of energy. When coupled with Reiki they can be particularly powerful.

Gesture of Supreme Enlightenment: Utt Ara Bodhi Mudra

In this gesture the index fingers of both the hands touch each other while the thumbs are crossed and the other fingers are interlaced. This position is then held over the heart.

This mudra is believed to charge the energy reservoirs of our integrated systems thus leading to surge of energy flow that enlightens the soul.

This mudra can be used before any healing for concentration, awareness and powering up our intentions prior to our Reiki session. Holding this gesture even for a brief period is said to light up the spiritual energy of the practitioners’ channels and create a sense of oneness.

It is an excellent was to merge with Reiki energy.

Invoking Divine Love: The Lotus Mudra works on our Heart Chakra

Holding them in front of the heart, the hands are brought together fingers and palms facing each other, keeping the thumbs, little fingers and the base of the palms  in contact the fingers slowly open (or blossom) at the heart center.

Expand the fingers while keeping them relaxed, like a blooming lotus flower.

This Mudra funnels Divine energy into our Heart chakra and is comforting during times of loneliness and despair.


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