Dancing with Bears: Reclaiming Feminine/Masculine Balance

In the last month I have been back in the studio creating with clay. I have been playing with clay since I was 6 years old. It

Protector Bear in Wet Clay by Aprylisa

weaves in and out of my life and I am continually amazed at the life lessons I learn from squashing, molding, carving and firing it. It has taught me process, patience and presence and gives me great joy.

We all need a source of great JOY!

Check out my occasional live streams on what clay is teaching me now on my Aprylisa Snyder FB Stream!

What has really surprised me is my hands have lead me to make bears!   I am making bear sculptures! Since I started making these creatures I have seen bears in the sky (clouds) along trails (sculptures), in stores (cake pans!) , art galleries – BEARS everywhere!

I realize my inner knowing is leading to me taste, feel and live in Bear Medicine:

Brother Bears – I’ve got your back. – Aprylisa

“Bear’s message is about seeking inner wisdom through human hibernation, which is meditation, introspection and dreams. This is where you will receive your sealed instruction. Bear retreats into her den for hibernation; which is also the womb of Mother Earth. Bear also reflects Love and the feminine aspect in the way they care for their cubs, so must you take care of yourself. “

“Bear is capable of standing on her hind legs to show her power. Bear people are reminded of their own power of self-sufficiency; in that, they have the necessary resources to help themselves and stand on their own two feet.”

I realized that this is the time of the anniversary of my father’s death. Also, recent events have brought up old wounds in my feminine core from past events with “toxic masculinity” in a past relationship

In Spirit’s perfect timing, Bear Medicine is calling to me through my hands and through my meditation on my inner feminine and womb space!  I have begun diving deep into meditation to reclaim my feminine/masculine balance. Healing the sadness of the loss of the masculine as “protector” and the pain of the “perpetrator” has begun.

I invite you to join me for my monthly Wise Woman Journey Healing Circle where I will teach a womb space meditation and lead a healing journey where you can find your inner MAMA BEAR and receive more nurturing and care for yourself!

Come dance with the BEARS!

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