Do It Anyway

The lights come up.

And in front of 15 million people, she nails it!

She’s 14.

Brennley Brown, the youngest contestant on The Voice, rocked the house with a new rendition of “Do it Anyway” link.  Her solid, grounded presence and courage to share her heart through the music drove this great song to YouTubes top 10.

What song are you not singing?

Are you standing on a precipice between wanting and doing?

(Learn how to have more confidence to make that leap here!)

I am leaping. I’m doing my first solo open mic soon.

Unlike Brennley, I am not young and adorable or sexy, nor Celine Dion.

I may suck at this. Or not.

Here are three things that shook my voice open and made me “Do it Anyway”.

  1. In my family, we were Mennonites who sang acapella, no instruments allowed. I grew up Sundays enveloped by my father’s warm bass and my mother’s ethereal soprano resonating down to my bones. Our family continued to gather and sing those same sacred pledges, especially sweetly at family reunions where he and his five brothers blended in heavenly familial harmonies. When he passed I felt a hole in my heart for his music.

I am silver haired. It’s been a long time since I sang publicly. I can’t read music. Some believe it’s time to quietly retire to having tea with girls and fade into the sterile fog of invisibility reserved for women over 50. No thanks, I am going to

Do It Anyway

  1. Stunned and grieving by the direction our country has taken since the election, I needed a place to channel my fear and anger and my love for my country. It has well been documented that singing relieves depression! Now, “Protector Women Protectors”, a group where music makes a social impact, gives me place to sing, chant and stand with women and proclaim, claim, be heard while taking my power back. (You are invited – click here)

How can simple songs change a nation? Who am I to speak out? I am going to

Do it Anyway

Connecting with my feminine essence unlocked my courage and desire to express, share and live out loud. Correspondence of an open second chakra (pelvis) and the 5th chakra (throat) is well documented. I found myself healing and feeling “real” again. I was able to be seen and choose for me. The awakening of the body via the energy and embodiment practices in “Come Home to You: Cracking the Confidence Code” stirs spiritual energy, and conditions the core nervous system pathways to access resilience and strength.

If you are standing on the precipice of a leap or a challenge that your heart yearns for let me share with you what’s helped me and thousands of women find their feminine essence, power and courage to

Do it Anyway

Come Home to You: Cracking the Confidence Code


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Do It Anyway


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