Reiki for Surgery Recovery

The choice wasn’t easy, but it became clear.

Yet I knew,  “I got this. I got Reiki.”

That day in the dance studio, over 20 years ago, during rehearsal it happened. I was on the floor, knees crossed ready to rise slowly in a dramatic spiral.  My right foot slipped. There was the pop, the pain, the lock. I couldn’t get up. I had torn the medial meniscus in my right leg.   The little spongy pillow between my femur and tibia had shredded.   Two months later I was having experimental surgery – called arthroscopy.  Two tiny dots of scars and three months of side-by-side physical therapy with members of our college football team later, I was dancing again, with a slender rim of good cartilage that earned me a few more years, if careful.

2014 – I was running in the Miami airport to catch a plane, stumbled and fell, my right knee, smashed it into the cool, hard marble floor. I felt the shift in my leg bones immediately. There was no more benevolent, silky ring of separation between my crunching bones. As I limped onto the plane I burst into tears.  No, I wasn’t going to climb Machu Picchu this trip.

Six months ago, after 2 years of limited movement, relentless pain management, 20 new lbs., and tons of inner conflict I chose to have a knee replacement.

As a patient I felt super hopeful. I may not have had the patience to rebuild the cartilage and bone through energy medicine but I knew those skills would  make this new process successful.

I prepared with Body Talk sessions to be sure my body was in the best alignment and condition before the surgery. Using a “time release” technique I set up Reiki to run during my surgery. In addition, the day of my surgery, a dear friend who is a Reiki master came to the hospital with me.

Throughout my replacement recovery Reiki was my rock. It helped me deal with the pain, swelling and discomfort. Nurturing, healing energy flowed through my hands, it felt soothing and sweet, penetrating layers of swollen tissues.

Yeah, my doctor looked at me like I was a woo-woo – but he was impressed with my remarkable recovery.  Soon, I was walking well, “healing beautifully”; my flexion was off the chart. I believe the special spiritual sauce of Reiki and my custom yoga workout was responsible.

Reiki, to me, is a gift from God.

It is a source of the life energy and you can learn how to channel it.  My students and I use Reiki in daily life for self-healing and for healing others.

As well as being indispensable on my knee-healing journey  as in the past it has helped me banish headaches, dispel cramps, and sleep better.

You can have this wonderful companion of loving, soothing light too.  You can heal yourself and others.  I invite you, urge you, to add this to your tool kit!

Join me in my upcoming class and learn how you can access and use this remarkable gift!



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  1. Margaret says:

    Hi: I had no idea about your knee replacement! How courageous . . . and wonderful to learn how well you have healed thanks to Reiki and other special “ingredients.” I hope you get the exact students meant to be in the class.

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