Free Your Belly 1: Suck it up vs. Your Breath of Life


Free your belly. It will make you smile!

In my Come Home to YOU coaching programs and workshops, I help women live with more confidence, freedom to be themselves, and powerful creativity to live the life they love.

The wisdom of the body is an essential component to find more wisdom and ease in our lives. In my 8 week Come Home to You: The Journey Home coaching program I teach physical practices that turn theory into embodiment.

“Lay down on your back, knees to the ceiling. Let your knees fall into each other and rest. Now allow your belly to be soft and round.” I said as my students lowered themselves on to the golden wooden floor.

Sally piped up, “Wait a minute! I’ve been trying all my life to suck in my belly and now you’re telling me to make it soft and let it out???”
In her question I could hear a thousand years of women voices rising asking, “You mean I can let this go? I can breathe?”

Yes, beauties. It is ok to love your woman’s birthright-power center-life making-life giving-mojo-happy place!

It is time to Free Your Belly.

Say “no more” to tucking, squeezing, sucking it in and shaming it away!

Sadly, most women chase the tight tummy myth. We sacrifice comfort, health and wisdom to standards, ideas, opinions and rules that have nothing to do with what our bellies are all about.

Nature designed them to be full and filled with the breath of life. Each time we hold our bellies in, it is a little death of ourselves that can create serious problems.
When we dislike our bodies we tend to try to mask what we don’t want others to see. Holding in the stomach can be a “smoke and mirrors” strategy to fool others and ourselves into liking us better.

To try to appease the opinions of others about our own bodies, we

Suck it in and suck it up,

Try to measure up,

Hope to look thinner

Beg to be acceptable

Die to be loved more.


Hold It – Right There!

Over a long period of time, the physiological damage of holding in our center can actually be dangerous to our physical and mental well-being.

Resulting Issues can be:

  • Digestive issues
  • Spinal problems
  • Constipation
  • Anxiety
  • Low self-esteem
  • Brain Fog
  • Kidney Constriction
  • Heart Rate problems

We breathe automatically 19,000 times a day.

Trying to disappear our center means that we’re not breathing completely. It means that our breathing becomes shallow and the diaphragm is not allowed to do its job. This results in a disruption of our natural biochemistry, especially depleted oxygen, trapped carbon dioxide, and inhibited nitric acid.

When we inhale we bring oxygen to the lungs. The oxygen is carried into the blood and distributed through the body.

The oxygen is used to create the energy necessary to break down food, maintain bodily functions, and power our for physical activities.

In a perfect natural breath, our inhalation of oxygen is balanced with the exhalation of carbon dioxide.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a waste product and when we hold our breath the CO2 builds up.

When we don’t breathe out fully the carbon dioxide levels in our blood will trigger the respiratory center of the brain. It sends a signal to the brain “Hey you better breathe!’ And if we don’t breathe fully other messages are sent to the body, commanding it to go into distress mode. Heart rate, cortisol and stress hormones shoot through our system.

Advanced side effects of not breathing or holding our breath includes pain in the body, burning in lungs, and involuntary contractions are spasms of the diaphragm and the muscles between the ribs.

Another important component in the breathing cycle is nitric oxide.

When Nitric Oxide is prevented from entering the body we lose an essential support for healthy living.

It plays an important part in the immune system such as fighting different disease causing infections. It also helps stimulate proper responses to stimuli.

Finally, when we hold our breath the body becomes more acidic. This is known to create a propensity for disease. Many serious diseases can be related to the lack of oxygen.
Think About It: The Brain
Holding our breath creates a negative suction pressure in the thorax and inflates the organs, it takes longer for blood to fill the heart and that also creates a slower heart rate.

Holding our breath also can make us irritable because of these chemical influences. Plus, poor breathing can diminish brain function.
Sucking in the belly not only makes your stomach tight, it makes you very uptight. Holding in the stomach puts more emphasis on your neck and shoulder muscles to retain good posture. This can lead to pain in the shoulders and the neck by the end of the day.

Breathing and the Belly are Besties
Exhalation is actually our friend. There must be a balance between in and out breathes to regulate our physiology and therefore our brain function and moods. A deep breather is a happy person. More oxygen to the brain so you feel brighter and happier. When your system is regulated with breathing you are friendlier have beet color in your face and more capacity to deal with stress.



Having a flatter belly is a matter of tone, not binding. Tone is created through balanced diet and proper belly breathing which over time can itself creates more tone in belly muscles.

Give your belly the breath it needs and it will reward you!

Benefits include:

  • Better posture
  • Better digestion
  • Improved immune system
  • More ease in your muscles
  • Decreased pain and tensions
  • Less panic
  • Better connection with your emotions
  • Brighter Brain
  • Greater connection with your course self

Breathing is a first step in freeing your belly.

A happy round, softer belly means a happier, more whole, you.

So take a breath, and let you belly – Be. Let is fill with the breath of life.

Next time I will talk about what and and how your belly thinks!

Are you ready to Come Home to You?

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