It wasn’t the Oatmeal: When a Healer Needs a Healer Aprylisa heal through community, nature, love and energy medicine. Aprylisa heal through community, nature, love and energy medicine.

I attend a massive, 1600 + people,  business conference.

I left the conference room and felt dizzy. The line to the bathroom next to the room was too long so I went to the bathroom at the end of the long hall next to the escalators. I couldn’t walk straight. ” This will pass, just keep walking” I thought.   In the bathroom I lean against the wall. “I bet I get better when I do my business,” I think. So I did my business, came out the stall,  nearly fell over.

I lean against the wall and several women are looking at me like owls with big round eyes. “Are you ok?”

“Yeah, well, no.”  A woman grabs me by the arm and says “I am an EMT. You need to lie down. ”

So we fly/walk the long hall to the registration desk and a woman there takes me to a “secret” room where lie down.

The questions begin – Are you allergic, diabetic??… Having a stroke?

I pass, in a good way, all the stroke tests. I am not diabetic, and I remember what year it is it etc.

Then “What did you have for breakfast?”

“Oatmeal, yogurt and a coffee.”

“OH MY GOD! ALL that SUGAR for BREAKFAST?? All that SUGAR??? I am sure that is what is wrong!!” she is freaking out.

Er – I am thinking,” I have had that for breakfast for four days in a row lady, and I have been fine.” What was different about this morning?

A second woman comes in.  Then a third.  Then the hotel dude. Then suddenly the EMTS are there. There area 9 f -ing people there!  I know they care and I know they want to help, but it feels rather invasive and overkill. Like a circus, just for me. I get kind of snarky.

Again someone asks,  “What did you have for breakfast?”

“Oatmeal, yogurt and a coffee.”

“OH MY GOD! ALL that SUGAR for BREAKFAST?? All that SUGAR??? I am sure that is what is wrong!!” This person is freaking out.

The swarm of people around me keep asking questions, coming up with their own answers. They aren’t listening to me. They get my partner from the conference room. I am dreading what is coming.

A trip to the hospital.


I let them take me under one condition – the hotel pays for it.

They agree. Well, actually, they lie.

I go to a Hospital .

Same questions. 8 times.

Forms in my face while I am dizzy at least 9 times.

Based on the forms in front of my face my little trip, done at the behest of others, will cost me a fortune.

They want to take blood. I take note, vampires do this as well.

I warned them: I do not like needles.

After being charmed and coached by a bronze and bald, muscular, ekg tech with warm and intense eyes who is also a marine, I finally let them.

“Yes sir, I can do this, sir.”

They take blood. I scream.

I warned them: I do not like needles.

Blood test reveals nothing. Therefore the hospitals obligation to me is over. They have done their duty – and collected their payment.

Still dizzy, needing help to walk, I am discharged. Actually, like, kicked out. Literally – to the curb.

“Follow up with your physician back home!” they cheerfully yell at us as we go out the door.

We are in Coronado. “Take me to the beach,” I say clearly but with effort. We call Uber.

As an energy medicine practitioner I have suspected that my ailment is based on energetic interferences that presented as physical symptoms.

Once cleared and balanced I would be fine. They don’t check for those things via blood tests.

Nor do they check emotions,  meridians, thought forms, dis-emebodied energetic forces (I call them cling-ons), energetic vampires, and a whole world of other spiritual dynamics that present in the physical. I need help from someone who, like me, knows about such things and what to do to resolve the issues they create.

Eventually my healing came through these resources:

1. Energy Medicine and 2. Community

Hmm- I wonder, could it have been the massive exchange of energy during the Sunday hug frenzy in a big room of who knows what?

Check: Yes. My entire energy system/grid had been knocked out.

I called a trusted friend  who is an energy medicine practitioner for a long distance session.  She had time and did it. It was a beautiful thing. I felt the shift immediately.

3. Nature

 We lay down on the beach, I slept, soaked in the air the sound the beauty. Meanwhile the session continued to shift my energy.  I awoke so much better!  More sleep. We left the beach to get on the plane, I got home and slept a long time.

4. Love

My partner was right here with me through all of the circus. Patient, kind, loving.

I feel fine now, thanks to my talented and faithful friend, the long distance healing, a loving partner and nature.

It wasn’t the oatmeal.

Maybe it was the skittles.

But, I know it wasn’t the oatmeal.


PS. Cost of 1.5 hours in the hospital $4630. Cost of the energy medicine session $135.

Just sayin, think about it.


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