Are You Living in 3D or Shades of Grey?

img_23-d-photo-smcopyGo to the movie theater. Pop on these funny glasses. Boom! You’re right in the jungle of Avatar feeling the beauty of magical flowers opening with colors and forms coming alive. You are there. That’s the magic of 3-D. That is just the movies.

Are you living in 3-D?
Overwhelmed, dulled out, zombified, perhaps even depressed. Has your been shut down into grey scale 2-D?

Stress. Living and working in difficult situations where to show up as yourself feels like it could cost you.

Checked out. Going through the motions.Have you ever had that feeling of your driving someplace and suddenly when you stop you ask” How did I get here?”


When we  don’t stay present we often leave our options, our personal power, and ourselves and pleasure behind.


Ready to jump off the screen??
Here are 3 tips for going from 2-D to 3-D

1. Awareness. Where in your life are you feeling like you’re a neutral gray instead of Technicolor? Are you going about your day feeling like you’re robot. Are you going about your day feeling like is this all there is? You need to decide. To go Technicolor you’re going to have to have some courage. You will show up for yourself. You will choose for you. You will have to drop a mask or two.

  1. Remember your actor’s “instrument”:
  • Take a breath and blow it out really hard.
  • Now let the air just fill your lungs naturally. Allow it in, don’t force it. Can you feel the sensuality of it as it comes in through your mouth, down into your lungs?
  • Repeat three more times. Be aware of the flow of air over your lips. Feel your body breathe. Feel your heart beat.

Welcome back to your body. This is the place where the action of living in 3D starts.

  1. Pop into 3 D with an audience. Want to blow someone’s mind? Pop into 3-D in one simple moment.
  • Think of someone close to you who has done something nice for you, others or just supports you in a simple way.
  • Go to them and stand beside them.
  • Breathe in and breathe out just notice your breath.
  • As you breathe out let your whole consciousness settle into your belly or womb space.
  • See them with your whole body, not just your head or your eyes.
  • Look at them in the eyes. Then say” Thank you.” That’s it.
  • Watch what happens. Do you notice how much color there is around you?

When you really become present with them you will bring both of you in the 3-D!

Caution: You will be surprised by people’s reactions when you do the simple exercise. Some people totally freak out because suddenly they popped into reality (the present) and they don’t know how to deal with it! Some people will be with you in that moment and regard you in silence and deep appreciation for seeing them.

Little moments like these will allow you to start connecting with the scenes of your life, soon you will become the star and your own 3-D LIFE!

Want to learn how to be a Star in your own life? Live in 3 D all the time?

Join me for Come Home to You: the Journey Home.

Curious? Ready for your close up?

I’d love to talk to you about how I can help you have a juicy, Technicolor, live-out-loud 3-D life.

It’s easier than you think and I can help you have the support the courage and the skills you need to do so.

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I won’t sell you anything. This is your time to ask me anything and have let me help live the life you were born to live.

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