Join me in the Journey. Come Home to YOU

Do you want to feel more confident?

So you can show up,  make connection, and make more money!

How good would it feel to be able to let go of fear and feel more alive?

So you can live your with  flow, intuition and happiness

Do you struggle with setting boundaries without feeling guilty or like a be-yach?

So you can set boundaries with ease, without saying anything at all!

Are you willing to awaken to your spiritual gifts and but don’t know have a direction to take them?

So you can live your power and knowing out loud!

Join me in the journey. Come Home to YOU.

Intro Come Home to You with Aprylisa MAY 2016INSTAGRAM FB TWITTERFeel, see, taste what else can be possible for YOU!

Join me for

Come Home to You: Rock It

Wed., August 24th, 6:30 -8:30 pm Vali Soul Sanctuary, Boulder Click here


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How can this Help You?

At Work

Mae was shocked and amazed at how one of the most basic practices changed the way she was perceived at work. She implemented a 30 second practice and her boss was so blown away by her presence, she had popped from 2-D into 3-D, that he stammered! As she applied this practice at work more often she  found she was being seen, heard, and taken more seriously by her coworkers. One coworker asked, “What was that thing you just did?”

In Relationship

“I was able to talk to my boyfriend without loosing my temper. He really heard me. This work has brought us closer!”  Cindy, Boulder

Bring Your Gifts Alive

Because I use and teach energy practices in the classes one burgeoning healer said ” I finally feel like I am normal! These women are just like me! They see and feel energy!”  YES! Indeed, as we move through the program all women become aware of their own innate sensitivity to energy – and gain mastery over it!

Being YOU in the World

Kati m testiminial

“An informative, surprising, and very potent experience!”

You will learn:

How to connect with the essential energy that creates the life you love

How to enliven the energy body and make it an ally

How to understand men and their one challenge

Which of your energy centers are blocked and how to shift them

How to open your awareness and personal balance in 1 minute.

The simple practice that can make you pop into 3D!

As an Energy Medicine and Life Coach I have provided thousands of sessions, particularly for women, from stay-at-home moms and International global change makers. I have had the honor of seeing changes in women physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, allowing the beauty of their spirits to shine and prosper.

I helped them blast through the physical and emotional obstacles that kept them from success. My coaching work with professional women has resulted in better strategic alliances with business partners, radical implementation of their missions, and even projects with Oprah at the United Nations!
From my perspective as a former award-winning business professional and as an international healer I have learned that there are fundamental skills and principles that each woman needs to thrive in both her personal and work life.

In 2015 I developed my coaching program “Come Home to YOU: A Power Pack for Soul.” This powerful coaching and healing program guides women with support and practical steps they need to find their center, their heart, and their inspiration to make a new life after a life-changing event such as divorce, accident, or tricky career transition.

As an extension of this program I created the Come Home to YOU Workshop Series, a magical combination of embodiment practices, energy medicine techniques, and feminine power and mindfulness practices that help women have more confidence, power, presence and purpose in all aspects of their lives.

The very practical and easy to use practices in the Come Home to You workshop series have already touched and changed lives. The classes are warm, engaging and practical. Each week in these classes I also have a practice in life assignment.

Participants say:

“I have more confidence.”

“I feel more grounded and I am making more money too!”

“I can now set boundaries with grace.”

“A supportive, energizing experience!”


Join me today!



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