Perfectionism, Sochi and the Joy of Baby Steps


When I was young I was a gymnast.  I competed and won medals – and it was all about perfection.

before sochiDo you feel like you are competing in the Business Olympics?

Just like in the sports Olympics we are striving to be perfect – the perfect 6, if you are skater, or 10, or have the best time.

They are running these ads about greatness begins at the start – showing these Olympic athletes as kids as they first learned their sport.

What I notice it there is JOY in these kids faces.  They were not thinking about Sochi when they were five. They are in the moment having a great time.

Brene Brown says that underneath perfectionism is fear of not being enough. And this fear stops us in our tracks.  That is different than doing your best

I am addressing the kind of perfectionism that freezes us.

The one that keeps us from moving forward.

Instead of going for the gold, lets get back to taking baby steps for your business.

  • What if being in the game was enough?
  • What if taking baby steps could be fun?
  • What would it take to take that first baby step into some part of your business you waiting to be perfect before doing?
  • Write it down.What do you want to do that you don’t feel you are good enough at?
  • What is one baby step you could take toward that action?
  • What do you require to take that step?
  • Who can hold your vision and “bookend” that step for you? Call them and make an agreement to call them back after you have done it.

Sometimes our perfectionist freeze can be a pattern we learned earlier in our life.

This can often be hard to overcome by you self and invite you work with me on removing those patterns with gentle yet powerful techniques that I use in my private sessions.

For my Valentines gratitude gift I am offering 8 private sessions by donation February 7 – 13 on a first come, first serve basis.

These can be in person or long distance sessions.  If you are interested in deeper work of this kind with me call me at 720-297-7175 or email me at

Be well, be free be happy –


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