Are You Fun Hungry?

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permissionslip art correctedMany of my clients are in recovery from abuse, abandonment and event trauma. We explore, change, and move energy together. I love watching them get back to their happy. 

It’s important  to “do the work” and “work on yourself”.  Meditation, digging deep, facing fears, living with pain one more day, self-inquiry, having breakdowns before breakthroughs are necessary actions.

However, working at a relationship or recovery 24/7 can burn in a repetitive grind, feel daunting rather than liberating and develop into serious FUN HUNGER.

Fun nourishes the heart and gives you the essential fuel you need to do the distance for recovery.

When was the last time you had a belly laugh?  Smiled so hard your face hurt?  Ok, peed in your pants with laughter?

Dude, Enlightenment needs a play date.

Post Traumatic Growth includes making time to relax, renew your sense of humor and enjoy life. Even for a minute. Make an agreement to have 5 minutes of fun everyday for the next week.

Here are 10 tips for feeding your Fun Hunger:

  1. Give yourself permission: download the permissions slip above and post it everywhere you need the reminder! I GIVE MYSELF PERMISSION TO HAVE FUN
  2. Google “worst jokes”.  Bad jokes are easier to tell and get laughs because they are so bad. It’s a win win.
  3. Play cards. Grab a buddy and play a game of silly cards like Uno, Go Fish, and play to LOOSE. Seriously. Taking how important is to win out of the picture makes EVERYTHING more fun.
  4. Give someone a surprise gift.  Watch them smile. It’s catching.
  5. Create a fun inventory: remember times you had fun? Who were you with, what were you doing, why was it fun? Rinse and repeat.
  6. Imitate your favorite funny actor.  Try telling a story as they would, with their mannerism and accents.
  7. Tell your “sad story” as if it were the funniest thing EVER.  Change your story from hellacious to hilarity.
  8. Talk to kid and make them smile.
  9. Wiggle. Move. Just act silly. Invite others to join you. Make each other laugh with the best “bad” moves.
  10.  Wave, smile at or get silly with the person next to you at a stoplight.  Maybe they need laugh break too!

Post below what else you do to feed your Fun Hunger!

In recovery from pain, event trauma, or business burnout?  Get Back to Your Happy with Heal, Create, Thrive.

 Happy ladies 







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