“Dancing in the Light” @ Heal, Create, Thrive

Recently we attended a free day at the Denver Art Museum.
We discovered this exhibit on the 4th floor.

“A collaboration between artists Annica Cuppetelli and Cristobal Mendoza, Cuppetelli and Mendoza: Transposition is a site-specific installation that explores the intersection between traditional craft and digital technology. The artwork consists of elastic ropes that are illuminated by software driven video projections. Interacting with this artwork, visitors can discover the relationship between textile, movement, and technology.”

Having been a performance artist in my earlier life, plus, it just happened that I was wearing along flowing wrap, I couldn’t help myself from improvising and playing in the sound and lights of this fantastic exhibit. The artists created an environment that responds with strings of  light and sound that responds as movement arises in the exhibit room. This “Dancing in the Light ” is a beautiful metaphor for my my current work as an Energy Medicine practitioner.

At the heart of my work is that we carry our “stories” in our physiology and we create our lives in the  truth that everything ( including our identities) are in motion, ever changing, and dancing in the light of consciousness and experience as it shapes our physical form, health, and culture.

Visit the Denver Art Museum to play, interact and respond to the treasure of possibilities color, line, form and light  offer.


Keep Creating!


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