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Melting Frozen Shoulder with BodyTalk:

Safe, Affordable Pain-free Results

Sonja, a smart and feisty nurse, suffered from a left frozen shoulder.
To address the issue she had an out patient procedure. She was anesthetized and then put through a series of extreme rotations to break up the scar tissue that had adhered throughout the shoulder area.  When the frozen shoulder returned to her right shoulder in 2009 she sought out an alternative – Energy Healing.

In contrast to the invasive and expensive outpatient AvivaLife energy healing with me was non-invasive, effective and affordable.

When Sonja first came to me she could barely move her right arm directly backward and not above shoulder height. After the first session she regained 20% improvement in her frozen shoulder and could raise her arm over her head with no pain. After her second visit she improved her mobility another 15%. After the third session she declared “I’m going bowling!”

Before her appointed bowling date she came in for a 4th session. We addressed both her shoulder and deeper emotional issues having to do with her work.  During the session we balanced her relationship with work and her heart’s desire to practice Reiki and have more flexibility in her work life.

Later, she had had lunch with a friend. Her friend, without any knowledge of her prior energy healing session, asked “So when are you going to start practicing Reiki again?” She was delighted in the synchronicity of the  session and her friend’s comment. Now, with her emotional conflict balanced, she started to take action. She freed up one day a week and began making contacts to offer Reiki.

AND she went bowling!  She exclaimed ”I have so much range of motion I feel I could play softball again!”

Sonja is so delighted with the emotional and physical results of her work with me she has asked her partner for more sessions as presents for her birthday and Christmas.

“My bowling score isn’t as high as I’d like but with energy healing I’m going to get back in my game! I just want to keep coming back! “ – Sonja

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