Heal, Create, Thrive: Healing Hands are Handy

I had a run in with a piece of glass one Sunday and wound up in emergency for stitches in my calf. While I was waiting to be seen by the docs my hands got hot. This is usually a sign someone near me needs a little healing support.
A few minutes later, I found myself working on a man who was waiting to see his X-rays. He was curled over in his chair hunching in pain.
He had dropped a barbell on his chest and they told him he had cracked his ribs.
In five minutes, after  laying my hands on his chest, he was out of pain, breathing easily.
He looked at me wide eyed and asked, “How did you do that?”
I also saw he also had back pain (lumbar spinal bone # 4) so we cleared a wrestling accident he had when he was 14. No more pain there.
He kept saying “How did you do that, how did you do that?” and I shared with him it was him who did it.  I just knew how to support his body in healing itself.
When he got called to look at his X-ays he walked away upright and out of pain. I never saw him again but working with him gave me a session too.
I got my ten stitches in my calf.

The only pain I felt afterward was when they gave me the bill!

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