Heal, Create, Thrive: 8 Essentials Steps to Make Your Living Being Weird

8 Essentials Steps to Make Your Living Being Weird

Have you ever struggled with your own ‘weirdness’ to fit in?

Have you resisted your gifts and failed to acknowledge that what sets you  apart makes you brilliant in you own way?

Me too! Through my work with supporting clients to find their path back to their hearts, back to themselves, essential truths to create acceptance, joy, and lasting prosperity have come to light. I’d like to share them with you so you on your journey from weird to wonderful!

The World needs YOUR Weird! What if the world needs your special, unique being to be whole?

Most people have family members who seem so different from the rest of the clan that they wonder “where did she come from?”

If you’ve ever been called “weird” or are struggling to thrive with your weirdness here are a few tips to save you some time, gnashing of teeth, and money on buckets of comfort food:

Your Weird Tribe is Waiting

You may think you are alone. You are not. There are billions of people on the planet and there are thousands of people who need your weirdness and your passion, and need it badly. Just claiming your own weirdness liberates others to do the same.  Finding others who share your gifts, talents, and passions will deepen your own appreciation of your own. Tribe up!

I used to think anyone doing anything weird was weird.
Now I know this it is the people that call others weird who are weird – Paul McCartney

 Use Your Weirdness for Your Own Benefit

Don’t miss out on the happiness that comes from using your weirdness for your own benefit. Use your gift to bring you joy, healing – even entertainment! When we practice our gifts on ourselves, consistently and with love, they become stronger, clearer and more profound. Being excellent will get you paid well, too.

 Embracing Your Weirdness is Your Strength

My clients include off the beaten path weird and “normal” people from all professions. Turns out, they all know weird –  in themselves, in their work and in their world.  My own work on my weirdness and experiences gives me the capacity to hold compassionate space for those who have had extraordinary life events.  So will yours. Be a leader in your weirdness so you can help others thrive.

Create a Non- Secret Code for What You Do!

Create a plan to move beyond from “I’m not sure what I do” using these steps: Ask a few friends how they would explain what you do. Listen to the words they use. Start to build your invitation from the point of view of those you want to reach. Find an understanding wordsmith to help you create a “code” that non –weird people will understand and weird people will get, too. Nancy Juetten is just such a magical being. She will ease the pain from weird to wonderful with her skills and programs.

 Go Where Your Weird Leads You

Following your bliss can look really weird to others. Hang in there. Listen to your gut, follow your heart, and take the path. Expect it to be unique to you. The rewards are waiting on the other-side-of-the-risk bridge.

I left a long-term relationship, and a “good job” to follow the call to be a healer. I also left behind not sleeping at night, extreme hair loss, and people who did not believe in me. When I followed my path, took steps to create my work (some practical and some off the branch into the air), the result was better relationships, a deeper trust in God, more joy, and deep gratitude for the miracles I am privileged to witness every day.

 Affirm your Weirdness in Form!

Bring your “unseen” into the “seen”. Make your inner weirdness visible – birth it in form.

Create a special physical image or collection of things that inspires you and reminds you of your unique self, your talents and your triumphant weirdness. This can be a drawing, a banner, and an altar, even a Taj Mahal made of Legos! I teach women how to create images of their inner wise women. These images are profoundly helpful in their personal journey as reminders of their inner resources. Use this image as a reminder of all you are.

 Discover the Useful Nature of Your Weirdness

What gift does your weirdness give to others?  Fun, delight, guidance, healing, being seen? Finding my connection, purpose, and usefulness to others was key to unleashing the joys of my weirdness. What does your weirdness give you? Chances are excellent others will be find the courage to transform when they witness it in you. It turned out that my weirdness is very useful to others. My clients heal their bodies, find their voice, embrace who they are, and enjoy life more.

Weird Is the New Normal

Have you noticed? The world isn’t looking for “normal” anymore.  Normal is quickly disappearing as a solution to the way things are done. What if, like those weird folks before us – Galileo, the Wright Brothers, Jesus, Mother Theresa – didn’t off road it and follow their weird way? What if you held the key, or a part of the key, to creating a better world?

I was one of the weird ones from the time I was small. I believed in magic and miracles, had experiences others didn’t seem to understand, and saw things in ways they never dreamed.  I just didn’t fit in. And I tried. I tried till it hurt. I fought my weirdness for a long time. In time, however, the weirdness won.  As it turned out, my different-ness was a great gift. I happily now make a living practicing my “weirdness” as an Energy Medicine Practitioner!

Be who you are and share it. Your weird tribe is waiting!

Let me help you to find your brilliance! Aprylisa Snyder is the embodiment and servant to powerful gifts  —  practical energy healer, artist, and catalyst for positive change.   Her aim is to open the door to magic for women (and a few good men) to step forward to reclaim their health, live pain free, and shape their dreams to make them real. Clients trust her to use her talents and skill for their profound and lasting benefit.

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