Heal, Create, Thrive: The 2012 To Do List

2012 came and went – we are still here. No apocalypse, no ascensions (that I know of).

Hold that song!

Was it a hoax, a fraud, a complete waste of time?

You know how you mark a date  in your calendar to get something done?  And you do it , because you know it is time to do that thing. Get it done. Make it happen.

What if 2012 was our galactic “to do” list?

That is how I see 2012. It was date to start creating,  in earnest, a world that we  love to live in, a world of balance, peace and justice, where love rules.

A lot of people got to think about that, plan that, and are act on it. What a great thing! The 2012 “to do” date started a revolution of intention!

As long as we are set in motion to make the invisible visible, make new choices to create a new earth, to birth the light 2012 was the start date for an amazing project that will rock our world!

Hold that song fat lady!  I don’t think it is over.


Bring in the new world by birthing your Wise Women in form!



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