Heal, Create, Thrive: From Weird to Wonder BlogRadio Show

Please join me for my upcoming Energy Medicine Exchange  – EMX BlogRadio spot (click link for show site)

“From Weird to Wonder: Energy Medicine’s Practical Applications  in Every Day Life”

The show airs Thursdays, Starting January 24. at 1 pm Eastern, 11 am Mountain and 10 am Pacific Time.

Have a question or want to speak with the guest? Call in  when the lines open  at 646 – 716-6130!

 As the name implies three aspects of the show I will be addressing are healing, creativity, and manifesting a thriving Energy medicine practice. These practices are considered very weird by some.

I was one of the weird ones from the time I was small. I believed in magic and miracles, had experiences others didn’t seem to understand, and saw things in ways they never dreamed.  I just didn’t fit in. As it turned out, my different-ness was a great gift. I happily now make a living practicing my “weirdness” as an Energy Medicine Practitioner!

Here are some of my ideas for the show. What are yours??

 Heal. What are the types of energy medicine practices you choose to practice and how did they change your life? What benefits do they have for your clients? What are key steps people can take at home with energy medicine to go to make a difference in their lives?

Create. How does energy medicine help create a better personal life, community and world? What are the principles of energy medicine that help us manifest new ways of being in the world?

Thrive.  How can energy medicine practitioners reach an audience and build a sustainable living through their work? What would help you in your business? What are the dynamics of spirituality and business?

I’m really looking forward to creating an ongoing dialogue through this EMEX radio show  and you. .

I welcome your input and ongoing suggestions for proposed topics of conversation.

Also, please let me know if you’d like to be a guest.

You can leave a comment here below on the list or email me at info@healcreatethrive.com

In gratitude and excitement

Aprylisa Snyder

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