Heal, Create, Thrive: Break Through Your Edge of Happy

“Is life not a hundred times too short for us to stifle ourselves?”- Friedrich Nietzsche


What would you love to set free in yourself? Your creativity, your voice, your crazy business idea?

What  unseen urge, desire or wish would you like to see and feel and have real in your life?

Here are 6 actions to take to break through your edge of happy.

Of course, don’t try this if you want to stay stuck!

  • Write it down. From marketing plans to shopping lists, all the pundits and your mom know how important it is to write plans and goals down if you want to get them done.
  • Forget New Year’s Resolutions. Find the fun in it!  Here is the definition of Resolution:

A: A firm decision to do or not to do something. (Sounds too serious and pretty heavy. You are on the hook if you don’t.)

B: A formal expression of opinion or intention agreed on by a legislative body, committee, or other formal meeting, typically after taking vote. (That sounds like no fun at all! Do you really want a committee to tell you what you want?)

Instead, think about how fun it would be to let go and do this. Write that down for each of your senses:  how would it feel, smell and taste? What would it sound like and look like?

  • Why Not? List all the reasons you can’t.  Now ask, REALLY?  Whose permission are you waiting for? Why don’t you deserve it?  It is really impossible? Try this: “Return to sender!” Yup. What if you can give back the judgments, restrictions and opinions that others have handed to you? Imagine sending them back  a lot of love. You can add a bow if you like.  See how you feel.  YUM. Feels more spacious, doesn’t it?
  • Don’t go shopping naked. Just like you don’t take off all your clothes when you shop for a new outfit, you don’t have to dismantle your entire life to explore what your love, desire, wish or want. Write down 6 tiny steps that you, as you are, feel confident you can tackle.
  •  Take your first tiny step. And your next. A few more and you are THERE!
  • Enjoy! Remind yourself how good it feels to let a wish be set free.  Once you’ve started don’t be surprised if the old “Stifle-You-Up-Amous” shows up!  When you get to your edge of feeling good give your inner Stifle-You-Up-Amous a hug, wrap it in a bow, and return to sender.

One caveat: For most of us, finding our edge of happy is where we back down and return to old patterns.

If you find yourself hitting your edge of happy I can help you break through it and make it last,

I can help you unleash the changes that you are ready to have flourish in your life.


My free offer to you :

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