Take a breath. Be still. Let it in.

“To all my facebook friends and family, I want to tell you the journey I have been on for four weeks now. As much of you know I have been dealing with a pain in my stomach for over 4 years, I have had three surgerys been on many different medications and gone through many test. I had gained 25 pounds and looked as if I were 7-8 months pregnant, drs couldnt find anything and had sent me to a pain
management specialist, ( he just give you different meds till he finds something to either get rid of the pain or make you not care). I saw a show on tv about these people called Holistic Healers and thought I would give it a shot I had nothing to loose. My brother in law David Hussey has been studing this kind of stuff for several years and sent me to a women he knew of her name is Aprylisa she has been a gift from god. After only seeing her four times I have no more stomach pain, am off the crazy meds the pain managment specialist had me on and have lost my pregnant tummy, I have also lost 7 pounds doing nothing but healing my soul, and putting all my faith in the creator. If you or someone you know that is struggling or dealing with pain please give Aprylisa Snyder a call and see if she can help you on your lifes journey her number is 720-297-7175 her website is AprylisaHealingArts.com. I am not one to put alot of this kind of stuff up here but when your soul is hurt and not heading in the right direction it will do what it needs for you to listen to it.”



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