Aprylisa Healing Arts: Weaving the Web of Creativity with Your Wise Woman

Who’s in there? A Wise Woman?

“Have you ever left part of you behind? Was it to please someone else, fit in, survive, or align with someone else point of view about what is possible for you? What if, because we are in this vast closed system called the universe,kadija 2 nothing really goes away? “

Fall, this little exhale before Winter,  is a time to call back those parts of your self.  Meet those put-away -parts that would like to come out and play with all of you.

This Fall I integrated a part of myself that annoyed me. The artist in me had been begging for attention.  I kept telling her to take a hike or better, hide under a bushel. She just wasn’t serious enough for the work I was trying to do.

After wrestling, waking up at night, and bursting with tears I put aside my head and listened to my heart. My artist and healer made up. It was scary and amazing.  And since we met up it’s been a blast.While still providing one on one hands on healing sessions, I began a series of workshops called “The Wise Woman Journey”. These classes are experiences that weave energy medicine, journeying, art making and community as a means of bring our truth, beauty and healing into form.  Plus, they give busy working women a place to play!

The first class “Creating the Wise Woman Mask Sculpture”  – a clay sculpture class, generated a fantastic group of amazing women who jumped in the process with passion and abandon. The work they created is stunning!

And to top if off we will be exhibiting our work together at LOCOYO during Louisville’s first Fridays Art Walk, November 2nd! {link}

The Wise Woman Journey process began when a beautiful woman/angel named Judy handed me  Jamie Sam’s book’ “The 13 original Clan Mothers”.  This book collection of stories introduces us to 13 archetypes (roles models) based in the Native American tradition.

Each of the Clan mothers embodies a particular part of the divine feminine in form and action. Talks with the Moon, Wisdom Keeper, Weighs the truth, etc. are given breathe by Sam’s stories about their concerns, powers and adventures.  By exploring each of these fascinating women we discovered qualities that resonate with our unique qualities, gifts and talents. Through various processes we found our connection to our own Wise Woman who then inspired the clay mask making.

The Clan Mother of October, one of my personal favorites, is “Weaves the Web”:

“She is an artist, a creatures and the muse who beckons and inspires us to create the beauty found in our heart’s desire. Through making something tangible and filling that creation with beauty we are shown that he stuff of dreams can be expressed, giving form to our visions.”

In my healing work I listen to the soul through the body and facilitate balancing the energetic web of life the clients is spinning.  What transpires is a dance between my training and insight and the life path of my client to bring forth a new, healthier, more conscious and choice-full creative process on manifesting their life. Similar to creating art, when we listen from within the invisible can be made visible.

Creativity is the foundation of all forms of life.

Are you listening to your heart?

Wise Women Laughing

Wise Women Laughing


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