Long Distance Healing with a little help from a furry friend!

I did a long distance session yesterday with Mary acting as a surrogate for her sister, Tani, who is over 200 miles away.

The session was focused on an injury Toni had on her leg after a fall. In my minds eye I saw Toni had something on the side of her face that was painful. Mary said she didn’t know what that would be. We did the session between 1 and 2. Today Mary called to say she called her sister after the session .

Toni had sustained another injury from a fall and hit her head and the side of her face.

Between 1 and 2 her cat, who is usually aloof, came and sat on her lap for the full hour.

She also confirmed the aspects that came up in the session!

Does long distance healing work ? — yes – & I think it the cat’s meow!!

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