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What is the connection between your body and your business? What secrets of success can you learn from tapping in to your body’ s wisdom?  Would you like to learn three simple keys to tap into vitality, focus and balance that will support your personal and business success?

I made the  leap from  corporate consulting work to become a health practitioner, and I love explaining the connection of our “body-talk” and  business.   Over the years I have seen  professional women find purpose, direction and clarity through energy medicine.

My journey from fractured to wholeness took me from the dance stage to the business world to healing. I have worked with powerful CEOs of global corporations as well as pineapple pickers, won awards as executive director of not for profit organizations, set records in high tech niche marketing, and am an award-winning video producer. After 25 years of pain and thousands of dollars in traditional treatments, I was given a new life by Energy Medicine. As a practitioner who understands the perils and pleasures of being a woman in business, I help women entrepreneurs by supporting their personal and business wholeness and success through Energy Medicine.

Here is one client’s story:

“Get ready for business growth from the inside out! When I first came to Aprylisa, I wanted to address pain in my knees. She told me that, on an emotional level, knee pain was related to willpower and pushing one’s way through life. Busted. Indeed I had been pushing, pushing, pushing myself for countless years. I manifested lovely things in the world, most especially my two books. However, it felt like there was a brick wall around my books and my career as an author.

Shortly after publication of my books, my publishing situation had turned awful and unproductive. Even worse, my agent checked out. I felt stranded, trapped, and blocked. It is impossible to express in this brief testimonial all that Aprylisa has worked on with me over the past year. However, the major themes have been unfolding and ease. I settled into the now – started school at Naropa, began writing again with great joy, got married, and generally became more embodied. I fell in love with my life just as it is. I stopped thinking about the knee pain. Of course, it cleared up entirely. Moreover, I stopped thinking about the books. I completely let them be and moved into the present.

Shortly thereafter, my publisher gave me the rights back to my books, freeing me to take them to a new publisher. That is no small miracle. Then a new agent basically fell into my lap. I’m currently working on a new book proposal, and my agent will take that along with my two books to new publishers this spring. Even better, I feel relaxed, confident, and curious about the entire situation. This is a marked change from my first time around with publishers.

I fully believe that my work with Aprylisa contributed to this shift. She served as a conduit and helped me align my mind and body with my larger purpose. Now my endeavors as an author can grow from this clear, inspired, and very fertile ground.

Your business is your authentic gift to our world. Rather than pushing, pulling, or dragging it into being, you can unfold your offering gracefully from your heart. It will be real, and it will be way more fun. I’m beyond grateful to Aprylisa for liberating me from old, stale patterns and helping me open to a delicious new energy of joy and ease of being.”

I  will bring “out there” healing methodologies down to earth in a hands-on presentation explaining the history of Energy Medicine principles and its effective application for busy women entrepreneurs.

Right now you can get an amazing set of tools for you and your business from the inside out!

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