Clay, Sculpture, Art, Healing: Connecting with Inner Wise Woman

Would you like a time out for YOU, away from challenges, pressures and stress?

WClan Mother Wise Woman Mask Flyerhat would it take for you to find that voice inside,  you know it  is there, that can comfort and guide you?

Here’s how to discover the Wise Women Within!

“Creating the Wise Woman Mask” , a sculpture workshop in Boulder, September 18 – October 22, will guide you to that part of you that holds your inner wisdom and let you create it in touchable, fabulous clay.

Clay: You can touch it, get dirty, schmoosh it, shape it –it is a conversation with earth.

I love that it always surprises me! The kiln transforms the clay body to something real, permanent and touchable.  Ah, the pleasure of holding a hand made ceramic cup – so different from the texture, weight and feel of a plastic or paper.  You can see the beauty that hand made tile gives a space, and the sensual invitation of a form made with earth and mineral colored surfaces. Coupled with an intention creating with clay become a dialogue of your inner self and the world.

How sweet could it be to be reminded of your unique qualities by symbols, beauty and form made by YOU?

Is your inner wisdom “Love All Things”, the Mother Nurture-er.  Perhaps it shows itself as Give Praise, the woman who blesses with her prayers, or would she be called Weighs the Truth, the teacher of Divine law? These are three of the 13 archetypes that Jamie Sams introduces to us in her book” The 13 Original Clan Mothers”.  These women archetypes will guide and inspire  our work as we build handmade wall masks based on your unique YOU!

Using a cast of your face we will decorate your Wise Woman  maks with personal symbols discovers through creative exercises, journeying, collage and crafting with clay.

How good would it feel to give form to your inner power?

Come take a look inside in this Boulder, Colorado clay sculpture workshop. Who will you discover within?

Wisdom Keeper, Listening Woman, Weaves the Web,

Becomes Her Vision, Talks with Relations, Weighs the Truth,

Looks Far Woman, StoryTeller, Loves all Things,

She Who Heals, Setting Sun Woman, Weaves the Web,

Walks Tall Woman, Gives Praise, or Becomes Her Vision?



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