Stay Cool in FIRE Season

Staying Cool in the Heat!

The FIRE season in Colorado has been DOOZIE!

We have had one of the hottest summers’ ever~

In addition to the High Park fire in northern Colorado, my parents town of Colorado Springs was hit by the Waldo Fire, my brother-in -laws mountain community by the Springer Fire,  and my home town near Boulder burned with the Flagstaff fire!

Taming out inner fire’s is a challenge, when confronted with emotional upheaval, hot tempers,  and hot political debates everywhere.

SO here are some easy tips for Staying COOL as we continue our journey – from the season of the FIRE Element to the season of  Fall, ruled by the Earth element.

How to cool off in the FIRE season!

A day without Oranges is … hot!   Cool down and enjoy some citrus fruits.  Fresh oranges, grapefruit, tangerines etc. can quickly turn down the heat.  Squeeze some yummy lemons in water. Tag along some orange pieces on your hike. Stick to REAL fruit drinks that have the natural balance of sweet and tart and good stuff for you.

Leafy coolness: Toss a bit of lemon balm into your water! Easy to grow, it can be a lovely in tea when put in a water jar, covered and allowed to steep. Keep it extra cool in the fridge for up to five days.

Soak it up! Use peppermint tea from the fridge in a spray bottle and spray to cool off!

Down home swamp cooler: freeze a couple of water bottles and place in front of a fan!

Chillin’ in the sheets:  Take rice, pour into a cotton sock, secure it closed with twine and pop it into the freezer for two hours. Take it out before bed and run over your sheets for a super cool sleep!

Give it a rub: Rubbing water behind your knee and elbow, on your wrists and on your necks also helps to trick your body to think that it’s cool.

In the cloisters: Close up the house. keep the heat form coming in windows with shades. It is easier to keep the nighttime coolness in than cool down a warmed up house!

Drink Drink Drink – WATER. Leave the frapa-caffein-os alone. And the “wine coolers” – which actually dehydrate you, making you warmer. Watermelon, with the greatest water content of any food out there, is a hydration aide and snack – and it’s lower in sugar than most “energy drinks”!

Mushrooms for dinner, anyone?  Add fresh mushrooms to your summer salads, or perhaps enjoy it in your stir fry and other dishes.  Edible mushrooms (any variety) tend to cool off the body, so it’s a tasty and healthy way to beat the heat.

Google: “Cool Neck Wrap”.  These activate long lasting coolness when wet!



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