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Take a Leap of Faith

It was getting down to the wire.

My practice moved to an office on Pearl Street in Boulder in 2011.  I was thrilled to move there and share it with  two wonderful practitioners.  Theo, the lease holder, however is moving to Boston and in order to  keep my practice in the space I needed to rent out one of the large rooms and take over the entire lease. Month after month folks came to see the space but no takers. I was convinced staying was what I wanted – even though it felt more heavy as each month passed by.

Finally, the last week I had to make a decision, I was in the mountains. I found a large sunny rock to lay face down on and just prayed. “Ok, here’s the situation, God!” I said and let the tension and frustration from my body release into the rock.  Suddenly grasshoppers, the kind with the zingy song from their wings, appeared out of no where. They kept leaping around me!  Flicking their yellow wings, bounding out  of the grass. When I had walked to the rock and heard nor seen any grasshopper.  “Ok! I get it! Grasshopper medicine!”  I had my answer – but didn’t know what it meant. I got home and Googled grasshopper medicine. The short definition was: TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH. So I did. I let Theo know I was no longer planning to  stay  in my office. I let go. And I instantly felt peaceful and light.

The next morning I found the perfect office! The minute I saw the ad I saw light. I visited and it was perfect fit for me and my friend Jack Collins who was also looking for a space.

I am trilled and delighted in my new big, bright and beautiful office. In addition to the space being perfect, my partners there include the highest caliber of practitioners around in body plasticity, massage and Network Chiropractic!

Thank you brother messenger grasshoppers for opening me to what is light, what else was possible and how can it get better than this!!!!!




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