Energy Medicine Solutions for Women Entrepreneurs

Free event : Start -Up Women’s meet up  May 15, in Boulder. 

My  journey from fractured to wholeness took me from the dance stage to the business world to healing.

As a PR and marketing specialist, trainer, artist and  program administrator I  worked with powerful CEOs of global corporations as well as pineapple pickers, won awards as executive director of two non-profit organizations, set records in high tech niche marketing, and is an award-winning video producer.

After 25 years of pain and thousands of dollars in traditional treatments, I was given a new life by Energy Medicine. Because I understand the perils and pleasures of being a woman in business, I help women entrepreneurs by supporting their personal and business wholeness and success through Energy Medicine.

I am delighted to be giving a free experiential talk at the Start -Up Women’s meet up  May 15, in Boulder. 

I will bring “out there” methodologies down to earth in a hands-on presentation explaining the history of Energy Medicine principles and its effective application for busy women entrepreneurs.

What is the connection between your body and your business?

What secrets of success can you learn from tapping in to your body’ s wisdom?

Would you like to learn three simple keys to tap into vitality, focus and balance that will support your personal and business success?

You will learn:

The connection of your “body-talk” and your business
How to rewrite your unconscious biases towards your self concept and your business
How professional women have found purpose, direction and clarity through energy medicine
Three energy-boosting exercises that harmonize your body, mind, and spirit

I will demonstrate Chinese meridian balances with volunteers from the audience and teach you simple practices for clarity and well-being you can do at home. Its easy and fun!

I will also be offering my 6 Session for Success Package for HALF PRICE a this event!


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