Aprylisa Healng Arts: Wood Element Journey Page

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 Wood Element Journey Page

These journal inquiries are part of the Aprylisa Healing Arts Journey through 5 Elements Series*

Spring is the time of renewal and moving outward in the world.

The Wood element is all about growth, expansion and moving forward. We use the metaphor of the natural world and the natural growth process as we create a new experience or set a new goal.

Grow with Nature's Plan

Seed: What dream do you have that you want to grow? What is the soul of this idea? The pure essence? Is it non GMO?: Grown from YOUR heart’s desire rather than outside expectations?

The Soil/Environment: How can you create an environment that will nurture and sustain this growth? Do you need to choose a space just for this project? Clear out clutter that will distract you? Where will you get support you need to make this dream come true? Who can you call on for feedback?

Water: Water is the “blood” of life:  What will you choose to nurture and reward yourself during this process? What kind of work flow will make you efforts easier?

Sun: Life follows the light. The light is inspiration, what will you choose to inspire you? What is your Why? What lights you up about your dream?

Root: What experience can you draw on to create this reality? What are your three most important skills, connections and resources you need to get firmly planted?

Stem: What knowledge will you store? How will you organize the information that comes to you through this process? What direction will you need to focus on?

Leaf:  What will your first steps be to attain this goal?   Where will you venture out to create it? Collect ideas? Get information? How will you present this idea or your new self to the world?

Fruit: What will your dream look like when it manifests? Get a clear picture of this. Make a vision board.  How will you celebrate the fruition of your dream? Where a can you be generous?  How will your dream feed others?

Harvest: How will the fruit of this goal fuel more goals?

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