Water and Our World: Aprylisa Healing Arts, Journey Through the Elements

Water, one of the 5 Elements, is an essential building block for life. It feeds us, cleanses us and sustains every living cell.  For life to be well, water needs to be well. Take a look at how you interact with water every day. In the bathroom, at the sink and toilet. In the Kitchen and the laundry. In the yard. In your car. In your face cream, your dog’s dish, in your tea and coffee, it’s everywhere!  Do we take it for granted? Do we waste it?

The film here is beautiful story about Water depicted as a “Grandma”.  How are will we treat our most precious resource? And what could be her response? (This sweet story uses a few words in Spanish, but the story is easy to follow if you don’t know a word of it.)

TIP: Do we get enough of it to stay hydrated? A hydrated body also means a more balanced brain and emotions! (Balance your Water and Hydration in a 5 Elements Session!)


We in the USA are very privileged to have clean water readily available.  When disaster strikes people quickly understand how precious it is. In Japan both clean water drinking water and fresh seawater was turned into a hazard by radiation. In Haiti many people died because the water supply became polluted with debris and disease.

In contrast, clean water projects around the world have saved lives, revitalized entire economies, and strengthened their communities.

It has been said Water will be next “gold”.  This is because the availability of fresh water is diminishing due to misuse, pollution and private control. Whoever controls water – will also control our food, and whoever controls our food …well,

What do you think the future of water is?






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