Aprylisa Healing Arts: Journey Through the Five Elements: WOOD

Aprylisa Healing Arts: Journey Through the Five Elements: WOOD


What can be better than spring-powered growth after a few months of chilling, cold, contraction and hybernation?

As we move through the Chinese 5 Element cycle which is based in natural cycles and rhythms, the next element after Winter/Water is Wood/Spring.

The Wood element is all about growth, expansion and moving forward.   Its season is Spring; its organs are the Liver and Gallbladder.

When I get tired of snow, I have to remind myself how much my garden will love it later! Just as the health of our energy depends on rest and introspection during the Water Element season of Winter, so our summer water supply is dependent on the cold, snowy days of Winter.

I say, “Bring it on!” Are you ready to burst forth with renewal like the Spring that now approaches?

I love Spring!  It’s not officially here until March 21st but I am so excited about it I want to give it a preview!

OK, Liver and Gallbladder may not sound so sexy – but their health is so essential. It is oh so energizing to get your Spring on!

5 Tips for WOOD/Spring:

1. A 5 Elements Energy Medicine balance can wipe away the winter blues and get you

Water to Wood, Winter to Spring!

budding with new energy! Give all of your meridians a spring-cleaning so you can breeze forward and through the Spring.

2. It’s time to make clear decisions from deep inside ourselves. Separate what is a priority from what is not. A happy Gall Bladder will be humming as we grow through decision making! Indecisiveness may indicate and reflect a cranky one!

3.  Wood governs the eyes. Are you seeing things clearly?  Having a balanced Wood meridian will give you clear-sightedness and support a translucent vision of your future.

4. Start defining your dreams and solidifying them into doable plans. The time is approaching to put those well-made plans into motion!

5. Being in sync with the seasons honors our birthright as part of the natural world. Flowing in sync from within gives your body, mind and spirit an energetic boost. You can feel Spring approaching both within and without, you know you can!  Go outside and be a witness to the ways things grows. Look inside and free yourself to bud anew. It doesn’t happen all at once. There are steps. From buds to flowering to leafing out in full glory: Wood is the basis for manifestation of the beauty within. I can’t wait; how about you??

Gallbladder: The Yang Wood Organ:  Decisions, Decisions!

This meridian runs on either side of the body in a zigzag pattern. It ‘s sort of like a bumper between you and the world. This meridian filters out daily life experience — it sorts out our experiences so we can properly store, expel or address them.   The most active time for this is 11 pm to 1 am. During that time, it acts like an efficient assistant, sorting out your day. It is a very good idea to be asleep during this time so the body can do its work with the day’s information without additional input!

The qualities and actions a happy Gallbladder meridian embodies include both spontaneity and decision-making. Just as the gallbladder organ has to make decisions responding to foods, this meridian helps us respond to life’s many stresses and prioritizes them. Your GB may help you out like this:

“Don’t call that person back yet. Do fill out the paperwork and get it in. Send the OK for the order to be put through, meanwhile, I’ll filter out the kids’ noise in the backseat so you can drive.”

A cranky or weak GB meridian can appear as indecision. An unhappy Gallbladder results in dysfunction that may result in colds, migraines, blurred vision, deafness, mood swings and spasms. If you feel like it is just too much to make a decision, it’s an indication this system needs attention! Balancing this meridian can support ear and eyes, calm spasms, bring clarity to the mind, relieve itching, stop pain and create a smooth flow of the energy in its Yin Wood element partner organ, the Liver.

Liver energy is really good at organization! We will dig into that important topic in the next newsletter and blog.

Learn how to apply Energy Medicine techniques to create a happy WOOD element here.

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