Aprylisa Healing Arts, Journey Through the 5 Elements: Nurturing Your Emotional Life

(Aprylisa Healing Arts, Journey Through the 5 Elements: Nurturing Your Emotional Life)

Overwhelmed? Frozen with fear? Deluged with passion? “Flooded” with emotion? 

Wouldn’t it feel great to feel inspired and balanced, and move in peace, like a river, from the inside out?

Have you noticed how emotional states are often associated with water imagery? In the ancient Chinese 5 Elements system, The Water Element is associated with Emotions.

When our Water element is in balance we can move forward with confidence and ease, and go with flow. Grace, fluidity and secure personal power are hallmarks of a balanced relationship with this element.

Water’s corresponding emotions are fear and willpower. Fear can be useful  – it can trigger us to avert danger, for instance. Its mirror emotion is calmness or faith. Willpower gives us the drive to move forward. On the other hand, too much fear can leave you feeling stuck. Too much willpower will make you brittle as icicles ready to snap.  Stress and tension drain the kidneys and adrenals, leaving your emotional guidance system to run wild on depleted supplies of energy. Hmm – recognize that? – it’s called “Burn out!”  You need internal Water energy to quench those kinds of fires!

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The Water organs are the urinary bladder and the kidney. The kidneys store the life essence, and serve as the root of yin and yang for the entire body. This system also holds the life energy a person inherits from the parents. It is also associated with the ears, nails and various bodily secretions. Procreation and survival instincts, vitality and endurance are also sustained through the Kidney energy. It governs the essential fluids such as hormones, lymph, marrow, and enzymes. These movers and shakers of the body contain great potential energy. They have a huge impact on how you feel!

6 Tips for Nurturing Your Kidneys and Water Element

The good news is there are ways to say, “I love you” to your Water element!  Try these simple, supportive tips for nourishing your Water Elements today:

1. Drink more of it! In Hawaii they say, “Water is LIFE!”  The brain is 90% water and the muscles 75%. Staying hydrated keeps you alert and more flexible, and washes toxins out of the body.
  2. Get rest. Take time “beside still waters.”  Rest will  rejuvenate you and give your body time to catch up to stress time-warp. You can actually speed up by slowing down.
3. Resting makes room for Dreaming. And dreaming allows inspiration to arise and surprise us. Getting rest gives you a time and a place to discover your “aha’s!” Keep a journal close by to note what you learn from the depths of sleep.
  4. Music is associated with the ear aspect of Water.  Listening to calming sounds, energy balancing sound tracks, a babbling brook or even an indoor fountain can calm and support emotional balance.
  5. Bergamot, Sandalwood and Clary Sage essential oils help balance Water in your system. Dab a bit on or use a diffuser to allow these lovely smells to refresh your energy.
6. A 5 Elements Balance with The BodyTalk energy medicine system will assess where your Water element needs support. It can improve relaxation, release fear, support your resilience and improve hydration. It will also balance other body systems with the 5 Elements, bringing you greater awareness, balance and ease.

Click here for a FREE  Water Element Journey Workbook Page.

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