Aprylisa Healing Arts – Happy Valentine’s Milagro Cake

Aprylisa Healing Arts – Happy Valentine’s  Milagro Cake

This scrumptious wheat free cake recipe was a Birthday gift from a friend. The Milagro (miracle) cake is a celebration for me of being able to eat and enjoy chocolate cake again!

Chocolate and Miracles

Before I became an energy medicine practitioner I was at the Galway Film Festival in Ireland attending a movie producers panel discussion on films about Peak Oil. When I entered the room I asked myself, “Who is the perfect person to sit by?” It turned out I sat by a man from my home town, Boulder! He had started a very successful corporation in Boulder but suffered a health crisis. Through his search for health he had left the corporate world to become a holistic health practitioner and had moved to Ireland with his wife. After discovering our common interests he kindly invited me to his home for dinner.

After dinner he offered me a treatment using energy medicine techniques. I discovered I am allergic to wheat! This was a shocker for me. I’m a pasta addict, and love bread, cake and cookies. Those are my comfort foods! It felt a bit tragic to have to banish the wonderful bread in Ireland from my plate.  It is specifically a wheat allergy. Though I am not Celiac (gluten intolerant) my diet would need to be nearly parallel to those who are. I immediately went on a cleanse and cut wheat out of my diet. Since then my life has changed drastically for the better.

For years I had struggled with headaches, low energy, mood swings, and digestive problems. These symptoms disappeared when I cut  wheat from my diet.

My Miracle: I had met a person from Boulder in Ireland who I connected with immediately. He was the perfect person to help me a make one of the most important discoveries in my life. Plus I have freedom from those nasty allergy symptoms resulting in more joy and ease in my life!

And here is a tip for how you might find a miracle too!
Have the same symptoms I did? I encourage you to eliminate wheat from your diet for a period of three weeks. Notice how you feel when you eliminate it. it may change your life!

Still not sure? A BodyTalk energy medicine session using non-invasive, easy and simple techniques will help you determine if food allergies are at the bottom of other health issues!

Happy Valentines Day! Love your life, Heal your body, Thrive!

Let me know about your miracles!


Milagro Chocolate Cake Recipe

1.5 cups semi sweet chocolate chips
2 c Garbanzo beans cooked, 1.5 cans
4 eggs
1 cup sugar
½ tsp baking powder

Melt chocolate chips in double boiler. In food processor/blender puree eggs and beans, very smooth, add sugar and baking powder in blender, add melted chocolate and blend.

Pour into 9 inch round cake pan
Grease and flour edges with wax paper on bottom
Bake 350 for 45 min


Spoon Raspberry Preserves over cake

Melt over low heat
2 – 3 oz of unsweetend chocolate
1.5 tablespoon of butter
Melt and then take off heat.
add  ¼ cup of warm milk
1/8 teas salt.

Gradually add powdered sugar (1/2 cup at a time)
for 2 cups until texture is right.
Add 1 teas of vanilla. Or liquor.

Spoon over cake



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