Finding Balance Dancing with the Dragon: A Five Elements Journey with Aprylisa Healing Arts

Finding Balance Dancing with the Dragon: A Five Elements Journey with Aprylisa Healing Arts

This is IT! 2012! Is this year the turning pointing in earth’s history? Is it the beginning of something new or the end of everything? What do you think will happen this year? Many traditional spiritual and cultural systems provide symbols and interpretations for this much-anticipated year.  The Chinese call it the year of the dragon, specifically a WATER DRAGON  (learn more about this here). One thing is certain, change is moving in all directions through all areas of life. The economy, politics, our social systems and even the weather.

How to Find Balance & Stability

CyclesHow do you find stability as the rest of the world teeter-totters daily with sudden changes?  Turning to the essential foundations of life will help us move through this year as a dance rather than a tug of war with it.

The Chinese system of health describes these foundations as the elements of Fire, Earth, Metal Water and Wood. Each is a building block of the circle of life which weaves thorough every level of being. When these elements are in balance there is harmony, wellness and strength. When they are out of balance sickness, disease and destruction can result.

A Five Elements Journey with Aprylisa Healing Arts

Join me in a journey through the Elements. Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.

  • Gain understanding of how your body can stay in balance.
  • Learn how to apply the principles of the elements to enhance your home, your health and your relationships.
  • Find and maintain your spiritual center by honoring the circle of life around you.
  • Each month you will learn how these are woven onto our health, body, seasons, and creative expression.

Element 1: Water and The Season of Dreams

Water is Life

Water is Life. Our bodies are made of 98% water. We would be “up the creek” without it. The Water organs of the body are the kidneys and it’s partner the bladder. The kidneys are the energy dynamos of the body; they house our essence and guide our development.

The season associated with the element of Water is winter. Just as water contracts in the winter by freezing and remaining solid, driving plant life essence inward and underground, this is a time to go inward to our spiritual center. Though we have turned toward the light of spring we can still feel winter’s winds and chills.

Pray, dream, define what you want. Prepare the seeds of dreams for the light of spring. Meditate or spend time in prayer. Make a vision board, journal, a priority list. Take time out. Make a warming drink. Sleep a little longer.

Or join me in a simple Red Tent Ceremony to take time to affirm your dreams and prepare to nourish them from the inside out.

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