Science, Music and God

“Chemistry is nothing but the melodies you can play on these vibrating strings. The universe is a symphony of strings, and the mind of God that Einstein wrote eloquently about the last 30 years of his life, is cosmic music resonating through 11-dimensional hyperspace. That is the mind of God.” – Michio Kaku, NPR interview (click here for the full interview)

Music of the Spheres

What I love about this quote  by Michio Kaku is that this amazing scientist uses the metaphor of music, (an art form) as a model for the mind of God. Creativity is our birthright. It is our essential nature. What else is curiosity or scientific inquiry but the driver for creating pathways and tools for new ways of knowing?

How I love the age we are privileged to live in! This interview was one of those moments when I get chills listening to exciting connections between science and spirituality.  Yes, part of the new science is downright scary – and wonderful if we can make positive use of it. More and more we see and feel the presence of Spirit in color, light, form, sound, intersecting with cutting edge science.

You cannot remain a victim when you create something. Feeling blue? Make something. A cake, a greeting card, a funny face, or make up a joke. When we tap into our flow of life energy to make things and make things happen – grace and healing abound! And we quiver with the presence of the Creator.

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