Helping Kids with Energy Medicine

Take one active, rambunctious youngster and add a soccer accident.  Ouch.

After the youngster has chiropractic notice pain in back and neck is still present. She still can’t get on the field to play.Ouch.

What else is possible?

15 minutes after an AvivaLife Session session she’s feeling no pain and ready to play.

She was so glad there was no whacking, no cracking, just easy, non invasive energy medicine laced with fun playing with colors.

Next day got email from youngster: “I feel better and  I slept all night”  Yeah!

I love the way kids can heal so quickly. She took to HMR like a duck to water – tapping into imagination, re-framing, changing frequencies from trauma to healing in no time. Bodytalk’s  structural integration allowed supported her body in healing itself.

Don’t wait to play! Make an appointment today.

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