Why Does It Still Hurt?

That nagging knot in your shoulder, that sore back, that headache!

You’ve pummeled, massaged, needled and yoga-fied it. Why does it still hurt

Pushed, pulled or stretched, our bodies remember pain. Where if came from, how it happened. Every aspect of the event is held in each part of the holographic recording system we call consciousness. These memories capture our energy and leave us stuck in the past at the moment of (verbal or physical!) injury.

There is a gentle and easy way to reclaim your own inner wisdom and realign your body to the present. Holographic Memory Resolution (HMR) is a new modality that will change your life easily and quickly access your own bodies wisdom to find the perfect healing balm for unwind old or unconscious imprint of trauma and bring you in to the present.

Brent Baum, Trauma Specialist, the creator of this technique, worked with over 8000 trauma clients.  He discovered 98% of migraines he treated with HMR were resolved using this technique. Other issues HMR addressed with this level of success include Depression, Anxiety Attacks, Chronic Pain, Sports/Performance trauma and Pre-Menstrual Syndrome.

I have added this amazing work to my integrated energy medicine practice because I have seen and felt how powerful it is. My clients are delighted and amazed at the results. Clients who have come in with pain or distress left without it.

Don’t wait. Try it. Call for an appointment today. It works!

Visit my website at www.aprylisahealingarts.com.

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