Watch What You Watch

“Where attention goes, energy flows”
“What you focus on grows.”
“Visualize your dreams and they will manifest.” Right?
We are finding more evidence for the way the mind works as a holographic projector creating our reality from our thoughts. This is a marvelous and mysterious gift. Let’s consider the consequences of having such powerful tools that are often unconsciously activated.
During my graduate school days, I traveled to Medellin, Colombia, where I stayed at a mission for orphaned and handicapped children. Colombia’s rich natural beauty is starkly contrasted with the damaging drug war that continues to rage even today. It is a land of astounding beauty and rich resources that is hobbled by graft, corruption and greed, steeped in a deadly drug culture (which, we should not forget, exists in large part because of the great demand for illegal drugs on the black market in wealthy countries).

Many of the children at the mission I stayed at had been orphaned or abandoned due to these pernicious problems.
While in Colombia I spent time playing with the children and participating in some of the activities of my missionary hosts.  I was also witness to violence every day. Newspapers carried full-page photos of bloody gun battle carnage. Kidnappings, shootings and disappearances of a park full of men carted away in trucks were commonplace. Just doors down from a home where I attended a Bible study, a judge was shot by four men as he left his home after breakfast. One missionary family had saved a woman who was crippled at birth and had been kept in a box most of her life. Her spine mirrored the right angle shape of the box due to the way she had to lean against the box in order to fit in it as she grew older.
I recount these things for a reason.


Upon coming home to the States I remember coming into the living room and hearing jolly music and the blaring introduction to “Murder She Wrote.” I had been away from TV for 3 months. I was shocked to realize that the murder and violence I had been living so close to was a pastime of most people in our comparatively peaceful country. Blood and gore. It’s how we relax!
Research has shown that violence is hypnotic. Trauma is also hypnotic and past trauma lives in our system as a latent powder keg, ready to reveal itself when circumstances in the present re-stimulate those from the past.  The bombardment of violence in our media is trance inducing as it seeps into our subconsciousness.
As a culture what do we focus on? As individuals what do we focus on?
Working with energy medicine modalities with clients I see the impact that imagery, language and “vibrations” can have on healing. Imagination can have the same influence on us negatively as well.
This week consider taking a time out from watching violence as entertainment. Consider feeding the subconscious and the soul with humor, helpful information and nurturing possibilities.

Feel how your body feels with that kind of input. Then notice how it feels if you begin to watch and listen to violent images again.

Take note. Listen to your body.
May we become a culture of peace.

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