It works!

I had a run in with a piece of glass Sunday and wound up in emergency for stitches for the 4 inch gash in my calf.

While I was waiting to be seen by the docs my hands got hot. This is usually a sign someone near me needs a little support.

Next to me was a big guy, tatooed, wearing a baseball hat, looking very uncomfortable. It hurt for him to breathe, he felt pain in his chest. He was waiting to see his xrays. He had dropped a barbell on his chest and they thought he had cracked his ribs.

In a few minutes I was  working on this man.  In five minutes he was out of pain, breathing easily.

He looked at me wide eyed and asked, “How did you do that?”

I saw he also had back pain (4 lumbar discs).  So, we cleared a wrestling accident he had when he was 14.

No more pain. He took off his hat and kept saying “How did you do that, how did you do that?”.

I shared with him it was him who did it! I just guided him through what to do.

Then he got called to look at his xrays. I never saw him again but working with him gave me a session too.

I got my ten stitches in my calf and felt no pain until the anesthesia for the stitches (go figure) and when they gave me the bill!

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